INDIA – Metropolis Healthcare Limited has introduced a new tech-powered chatbot called Metrobot in India for medical purposes.

Metropolis Healthcare also intends to engage with more than 100,000 doctors in the debut year on the new tech-powered chatbot, with plans to engage with a larger number in the future.

According to the company’s statement, the development of Metrobot involved extensive research and insights from over 1000 doctors of different clinical specialties.

Metrobot will serve as a seamless WhatsApp-based chat platform for doctors to eliminate the need for traditional call centers.

Metrobot provides customization options to allow doctors to receive messages at their preferred times and formats. Leveraging WhatsApp, the platform offers quick access to essential service links,” Metropolis Healthcare Limited said in a statement.

With the advent of Metrobot, Metropolis Healthcare Limited will harness the power of advanced technologies to ensure effective, and relevant doctor-provider communication.

Doctors will leverage Metrobot’s cutting-edge capabilities to access essential medical information at the click of a button.

Beyond information sharing, Metrobot includes Continuing Medical Education (CME) modules. Metrobot caters to diverse medical specialties,” stated Metropolis Healthcare Limited.

Physicians can also use the new tech-powered chatbot to stay updated with the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Leveraging extensive research and doctors’ insights, Metrobot is a unique chatbot designed exclusively for medical purposes.

Doctors can use Metrobot to view information about medical test availability, methodology, sample transport guidelines, turnaround time, sensitivity, specificity, and cost.

Doctors can conveniently upload patient prescriptions, and receive prompt guidance from Metropolis Healthcare Limited on testing processes. This streamlined approach saves time and assures comprehensive care,” the company announced.

The company further said that Metrobot is currently available to doctors on WhatsApp Chatbot number (+91 93212 72717).

In turn, they will be able to access crucial medical information more conveniently and efficiently thus enhancing their decision-making process and providing patients with instant information and service.

By empowering its physicians with comprehensive knowledge, Metropolis Healthcare will ensure patients have timely access to interventions that could improve patient outcomes.

Metropolis Healthcare remains committed to refining and expanding the platform based on continuous feedback, meeting the unique needs of nephrologists, neurologists, oncologists, gynecologists, and various clinical specialties,” the company reaffirmed its doctors.

Moreover, the launch of Metrobot underpins the company’s continuous commitment to providing our doctors with a user-friendly platform that delivers relevant information, quick solutions, and personalized experiences.

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