UK – The United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has rolled out a new and ambitious delivery plan centered around putting patients first under its new guidelines.

‘Putting patients first: A new era for our agency’ delivery plan, will ensure the agency keeps a constant focus on delivering meaningful outcomes for patients, protecting public health through excellence in regulation and science and becoming a truly world-leading, enabling regulator.

The delivery plan’s main focus will be to ensure the MHRA draws together its scientific and regulatory expertise to help facilitate the UK life sciences sector and health service; develop new regulatory frameworks;

Quickly realise the benefits of new therapies and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), to improve outcomes for patients; and ensure the continued safety, quality and efficacy of medicines and medical devices.

Delivery of the plan will build on the MHRA’s outstanding service to the UK public during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it continues to pose to global science and healthcare.

The plan will set its focus on 14 objectives that are grouped into 6 categories namely: Scientific innovation, Healthcare access, Patient safety, Dynamic organisation, Collaborative partnerships, Financial sustainability.

Science and innovation in healthcare

For Science and innovation, the UK government just recently launched a Life Science Investment programme pumping funds worth £1 billion (US$1.3B) to ensure that its 10-year set strategy for Life Sciences continues to build on successes of COVID-19 response and accelerate delivery of innovations to patients.

UK life science department will use its impeccable response to COVID-19 as a blueprint to accelerate the delivery of life-changing innovations to patients, as part of the government’s new UK Life Sciences Vision.

Its vision outlines 7 critical healthcare missions that government, industry, the NHS, academia and medical research charities will work together on at speed to solve – from cancer treatment to tackling dementia.

These missions will focus on preventing, diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease early, using innovative clinical trials to develop breakthrough products and treatments quickly to help save lives, and accelerating the development and adoption of new drugs, diagnostics, medical technology and digital tools.

The Life Sciences’ vision is the first sectoral publication to build on the Plan for Growth, which sets out plans for the UK to stand as a world-leading centre for the development of brilliant ideas, innovation in industry, and jobs for the future.