UAE – The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has extended its integrated services in the United Arab Emirates with the launch of an updated version of the AlHosn app.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE health authorities launched a first-of-its-kind AlHosn app for contact tracing and health testing related to COVID-19.

In a press release, Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for the Public Health Sector at the MoHAP, emphasized that the newest update marks a significant stride in the digital transformation journey of the UAE’s health sector.

With exciting new capabilities, the AlHosn app is now the national digital healthcare platform for vaccinations.

Users can log in using their Emirates ID card, unified ID card, and phone number. Moreover, users can add their parents’ and children’s information to the app.

The latest version of the AlHosn app will facilitate access to children’s vaccination records as per the National Immunisation Programme,” stated Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand.

Additionally, the latest version of the AlHosn app now allows users to easily access accurate and reliable medical information relayed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and local health authorities.

The UAE’s COVID-19 contract tracing app, AlHosn, has been updated with important new features over the years.

The AlHosn app shows users’ ‘green pass protocol’ status based on PCR test results and vaccination status.

The app features three colors: green, which means a negative PCR test result is still valid, gray, which means the validity of a negative PCR test result has expired, and equally important, red means the test result is positive.

The previously updated AlHosn app also displays vaccination information, certificate, travel history, and a live QR code.

The UAE health authorities claimed that its latest full-fledged version of the AlHosn app has key features including comprehensive vaccination records for children from birth till they turn 18 years old.

According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the UAE Government mandates vaccinations to children from the time they are born to the time they reach Grade 11.

These vaccinations include shots against tuberculosis, hepatitis B, polio, and tetanus, among other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Using the updated version of the AlHosn app, users can access a wide range of additional digital solutions that help families monitor their children’s vaccination status.

The successful mobile app update is a clear reflection of the UAE Government’s devotion to safeguarding children’s health and reinforcing community immunity.

Recognizing vaccinations as one of the most efficient preventative measures against infectious diseases, the UAE government is committed to leveraging smart technologies and applications to create varied communication avenues with community members.

The updated version of the AlHosn app is expected to play a pivotal role in achieving a higher percentage of child vaccination coverage nationwide, sustaining high vaccination rates as well as ensuring optimal health coverage.

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