MOROCCO – Casablanca-based MedTech platform, DataPathology, has successfully raised US$232,000 in its latest funding round to help it transform the pathological diagnosis system and improve services provided to practitioners and patients.

Founded in 2020 by Hicham El Attar and Mohammed El Khannoussi, DataPathology fights shortage and delays of diagnosis of cancer patients in rural areas, providing healthcare practitioners with a complete solution to help them deliver a quality pathological diagnosis, quickly and efficiently.

The startup is now planning to scale that solution across Morocco and Africa with the help of funding from investment company Witamax, founded by Southbridge A&I and Axxam Family Office.

DataPathology will deploy its newly acquired funds towards the transformation of its pathological diagnosis systems while improving the services provided to patients and practitioners.

Through a network of renowned Moroccan and international pathologists, its team will continue to build partnerships with key players in the Digital Pathology market including Scanner, image processing and AI businesses.

As health technology startups continue to revolutionize service delivery in Africa, Nigerian startup NucleusIS is building the technology to deepen insurance adoption, drive access to healthcare and improve health outcomes.

Founded in 2019, NucleusIS has built a robust enterprise technology base for health insurance companies and care providers, which has so far on-boarded seven clients.

The startup is also leveraging this technology to distribute health insurance via distribution APIs, retail and telco partnerships.

We have discovered that the health insurance space across Africa is constrained by identity fraud, data, cost efficiency and technology,” Kayode Odeyinde, co-founder of NucleusIS, said.

NucleusIS addresses that, and has seen significant uptake. In its pilot state – Oyo – it has so far provided over 5,000 touchpoints for health insurance enrollment.

We are looking to replicate across multiple retail platforms and the 36 states in Nigeria,” Odeyinde said. “We want to provide about 180,000 touchpoints across the country and add over 20 million people to the insurance net annually.”

Recently one of 10 startups from across Africa picked to take part in the Africa Startup Initiative Programme (ASIP) run by Startupbootcamp AfriTech in partnership with mobile operator Telecel, NucleusIS is funded by its own revenues. These come from subscription fees and commissions on plans sold.

Already active in Ghana, NucleusIS plans to expand to five additional African countries over the next three years. Now, it is seeking investment for further growth.

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