RWANDA—Mount Kigali University (MKUR), a premier center of teaching, research, and academic excellence located in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda, has opened its newly approved medical clinic to the public, which can service up to 200 patients per day.

MKUR began as a Mount Kenya University Campus in 2010 and has since grown into a fully-fledged university accredited by the Rwanda Higher Education Council, which is part of the Ministry of Education.

This opening follows the issuance of the letter of authority dated December 21, 2023 and signed by the Minister of Health, Dr Sabin Nsanzimana.

According to Ministerial Instructions N020/0002 of October 11, 2022 Governing Private Health Facilities, the Minister of Health approved the license and authorized the private health facility to provide outpatient medical services in general medicine and dental care.

The letter also said that the license holder committed to follow the quality of health services agreement, which was co-signed with the Ministry of Health, as well as other Rwandan private health practice legislation.

The University Medical Centre (UMC), according to Vice-Chancellor Dr Martin Kimemia, will combine health services, health professions education, and research to give the best possible treatment using cutting-edge technology and therapies.

The centre will provide dental imaging services, using the existing EZray Air Portable Machine to diagnose dental diseases in people seeking dental care.

This imaging device is a lightweight portable X-ray machine that emits significantly less radiation than a standard X-ray machine. It is designed for ease of use and stable positioning for best image quality on intraoral X-rays.

The centre will also have an Ultrasound Scanner Machine and an ECG Machine with 12 channels (electrocardiogram) to help diagnose or confirm diseases and ailments among clients seeking health care at the UMC.

The latest cutting-edge technology, such as the Ultrasound Scanner Machine, will be utilized in obstetric and gynaecological examinations, among others.

(ECG) Machine with 12 channels (electrocardiogram) for detecting heart diseases and monitoring heart health has been purchased abroad and is on its way to the centre.

UMC has purchased an ambulance outfitted with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly qualified professionals to assist patients in need in the Kigali area.

Dr. Kimemia says the university’s management will soon open a pharmacy that will serve the community in Kicukiro District and beyond.

He believes that this is another approach for the government to help achieve its goal of strengthening healthcare services in the country and supplying skilled staff for the health sector.

He went on to thank the Ministry of Health for awarding the institution the permission to operate the centre and asked the Kigali City and surrounding communities to visit the facility and learn how to improve their health.

He concluded by encouraging both inpatients and outpatients to visit the center for their treatment, as well as health professionals to visit for preventative healthcare tests such as diabetes screening, hypertension screening, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, and many more.

Dr. John Nyiligira, the deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) of finance, administration, and institutional advancement, stated that the medical centre is the first of its kind in a private university functioning within Rwanda’s boundaries, and it is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The institution will also use the center as a hub for community outreach operations in Kigali and other parts of the country.

This will also provide health science students with hands-on experience, as students studying Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Public Health, and Dentistry will learn and practice at the Centre.

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