KENYA — MP Shah Hospital, located in Nairobi, has become the first African healthcare facility to collaborate with the CaReMe Global Alliance, an initiative led by the global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

This groundbreaking partnership aims to enhance the outcomes of patients suffering from cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic (CVRM) diseases in Kenya, encompassing conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, and chronic kidney disease.

The CaReMe Global Alliance, under the leadership of AstraZeneca, is committed to revolutionizing the approach to CVRM care.

Instead of treating each condition individually, it takes a holistic approach by addressing all three comorbidities as a single entity.

This innovative strategy has already proven its effectiveness in improving clinical outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and optimizing resource utilization in partner hospitals worldwide.

Consequently, it lays the groundwork for a more sustainable healthcare model. MP Shah Hospital’s participation in this alliance signifies the introduction of this pioneering and integrated model of streamlined CVRM care within the African continent.

CVRM diseases, which encompass issues related to the heart, kidneys, and pancreas, collectively represent the leading cause of mortality on a global scale.

Each of these conditions amplifies the risk of further complications. In Kenya, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), including CVRM conditions, have been on the rise, accounting for over 50% of inpatient admissions and 40% of hospital deaths. This places a significant strain on the healthcare budget.

This collaboration aims to address the mounting burden of CVRM diseases in Kenya by engaging 400 patients in the iCaReMe registry within the first year.

The primary objectives include integrating cardiology, diabetic, and renal clinics, adopting a holistic patient management approach, and evaluating outcomes based on the CaReMe Model approach.

Beyond the immediate benefits for patients, this partnership underscores Kenya’s commitment to pioneering advanced healthcare solutions and positioning itself as a leader in medical innovation within Africa.

Khomotso Mashilane, the Medical Director for AstraZeneca in the African Cluster, expressed his thoughts on this development, stating, “AstraZeneca is proud to support the integrated, patient-centric care approach championed by CaReMe.

This model has demonstrated a significant impact on the overall quality of health services and the quality of life of patients living with conditions like diabetes, heart, and kidney diseases.

Furthermore, it is a model that bolsters health system resilience and sustainability in Kenya by reducing costs and streamlining care, paving the way for a greener and healthier future.

Dr. Toseef Din, CEO of MP Shah Hospital, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “MP Shah Hospital is thrilled to become the first in Africa to join the Global CaReMe Alliance.

“This integrated model of care for cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases has been proven to enhance patient outcomes and improve their overall experience, ultimately leading to better treatment for these increasingly prevalent diseases across Kenya,” she says.

In other notable developments, M.P. Shah Hospital has expanded its bed capacity with the opening of the KPJ Medical Centre, aligning with its long-term healthcare transformation plan.

Launched on February 25, 2022, this 8-floor facility adds 68 beds to the hospital and addresses the growing demand for healthcare services.

It features dedicated maternity wards and a theatre, doubling the maternity bed capacity, as well as a modern physiotherapy centre specializing in sports medicine and neurology.

Notably, the centre houses a breast cancer clinic utilizing Sentimag technology for early cancer detection and boasts world-renowned medical specialists.

Additionally, it will soon introduce a pioneering paediatric cancer centre, one of the country’s largest, focusing on advanced care, research, and treatment.

This centre includes an inpatient ward, day oncology unit, outpatient clinic, dedicated oncology pharmacy, and advanced laboratory facilities.

In line with their commitment to enhancing healthcare, M.P. Shah Hospital had previously announced a Sh1 billion (US$6.7 million) investment over five years for medical equipment and infrastructure expansion.

This initiative aligns with the hospital’s strategic plan, reinforcing its position as a healthcare leader in the region with a strong patient-centric focus.

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