GHANA – Ghanaian mPharma, a leading pan-African healthcare technology company, has released its annual impact report for 2022 which highlights the company’s contributions in addressing challenges in healthcare.

The healthtech company provides innovative solutions in wholesale, retail and diagnostics including vendor-managed inventory services, primary care solutions for community pharmacies and data analytics for hospitals, pharmacies, and patients.

It is currently establishing a network of community pharmacies across Africa in order to become the primary healthcare provider of choice for millions of people living in the region.

mPharma has released an impact report which shows the company has become an essential factor in providing solutions to the numerous problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through leveraging its partnership with esteemed partners.

For instance, mPharma collaborated with Breyer Capital in rolling out free COVID-19 tests as well as millions of COVID-19 test kits across government institutions, private labs and organizations in eight African countries.

mPharma has provided health interventions addressing the issues of affordability and access to prescription drugs caused by excessive margins charged by the various stakeholders along the drug supply chain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, highlights the impact report.

The former Ghanaian Minister of Health Mr. Alex Segbefia, the former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama and the Head of Value Creation, Gabon Sovereign Wealth Fund Serge Amissah were among the honorable dignitaries present at the virtual unveiling.

During the virtual launch, mPharma CEO Gregory Rockson pointed out that mPharma has deployed a lot of innovative strategies to improve access, not only to medications but to essential healthcare services such as molecular diagnostics testing.

CEO Gregory Rockson revealed that mPharma provided effective solutions to remedy the challenge of availability, accessibility and affordability of drugs to provide value to patients.

To address availability and accessibility, we began with a pilot in Ghana, our QualityRx program, which provides an innovative and affordable financing solution for struggling mom-and-pop pharmacies with a history of high performance,” he explained.

The health program offers funding for refurbishment, inventory, customer management and technology costs which not only expands mPharma’s pharmacy network but also increases access to affordable drugs.

Pharmacies under the QualityRx model operate under the brand “a mutti pharmacy.” With QualityRx, we came to a step closer to our goal of making medicines more affordable to patients as we directly control prices for all mutti pharmacies,” he added.

Gregory Rockson further disclosed that mPharma recently secured US$35 million in funding for business operations which will further support the company’s commitment to providing access to affordable healthcare solutions in Africa.

The funding will be used to facilitate the expansion of our network of facilities and further improve our tech infrastructure since digital health solutions remain key in solving Africa’s primary healthcare challenges,” he maintained.

mPharma continues to push for technology-based, patients-centered as well as community-focused approaches that meets the needs of patients irrespective of their location or financial status.

Earlier, mPharma strategically partnered with global healthcare giant TytoCare to enable pharmacies to provide patients with enhanced remote care through in-depth physical examinations.

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