NIGERIA – Africa’s leading patient-centered technology-driven healthcare company mPharma has initiated the Hypertension Test and Treat program (HTT) in Nigeria to support the prevention and control of hypertension in Africa.

The HTT program is a service which aims to promote the early detection of hypertension, prompt treatment and prevention of complications such as hypertensive heart disease and kidney failure among others.

The program involves a private consultation to review the patient’s medical history, current medications, determine individual’s cardiovascular risk level and provides tailored lifestyle modification strategies to improve patient’s health and wellbeing.

In addition, the HTT program seeks to develop strategies to prevent, detect, treat, and control hypertension as it is one of the greatest causes of premature death in Africa particularly in urban areas.

The program would aim to identify different classes of people, those who are at risk for hypertension, those who are about to develop hypertension and those who are already living with hypertension,” the healthtech firm said.

mPharma announced on its website that the HTT program will be delivered through the company’s network of mutti pharmacies in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia with plans to expand the service to other countries.

The company revealed that the hypertension test and treat service has already been launched at select mutti pharmacies in Nigeria, noting that patients can visit any of mPharma mutti pharmacies to check their blood pressure for free and discuss their eligibility program.

mPharma plans to expand the hypertension test and treat service to all 500 locations of mutti branches over time as the company’s ultimate aim is to make every African in good health and to contribute their quota to making universal healthcare coverage available to all,” the company disclosed.

mPharma further said that the HTT program would be available in Kenya as a subscription service available for purchase through mPharma mutti pharmacies and in subsequent months in other countries.

Furthermore, the program is in line with mPharma’s vision of providing accessible and affordable care to patients in vulnerable communities across Africa by transforming its mutti pharmacies into primary healthcare centers.

During the launching ceremony, Dr. Hafeez Oluwa, the Global Primary Care Manager at mPharma said that the company is taking a different approach to dealing with hypertension while noting that the HTT program has been rolled out in stages.

Dr. Oluwa explained that the company is going further than just helping people who have already developed the condition to identifying people who are at risk of hypertension and collaborating with them to prevent the development of the disease.

The passive approach has just led to numbers rising exponentially. We need to think more about primary prevention as we deal with hypertension with health promotion. If we start implementing lifestyle changes at an earlier stage, we may prevent more diagnosis of hypertension,” he concluded.

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