GHANA – Ghanaian healthtech company mPharma is debuting a new customer-centric product, known as Facility Insights, on its proprietary data management and pharmacy transformation tool Bloom designed to be a direct aid in clinical-decision making in mPharma-partner pharmacies.

The Facility Insights module is designed to solve the deep-rooted problem of pharmacies having limited data and manually generating needed reports for decision making which significantly contributes to error-prone data and poor user experiences, says mPharma.

The patient-centered technology-driven healthcare company provides innovative solutions in wholesale, retail and diagnostics including vendor-managed inventory services, primary care solutions for community pharmacies and data analytics for hospitals, pharmacies and patients.

With the launching of the Facility Insights module in Bloom, we enjoy having all the necessary highlights and analytics of our transactions, and this helps us to know how much our work is progressing. The analytics therein are accurate and on-point.

Jacques Tuyishimire, RPh, Pharmacist and Managing Director of Siloam Pharmacy


Ghana-based mPharma aims to build an Africa in good health by increasing access to drugs for all patients at reduced costs while assuring and preserving quality, the firm currently has operations in 8 other African nations namely Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon and Uganda.

mPharma has provided health interventions addressing the issues of affordability and access to life-saving prescription drugs caused by excessive margins charged by the various stakeholders along the drug supply chain amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

mPharma has launched a Last-Mile Delivery platform that improves vehicle allotment efficiency, a Co-Insurance system that allows payments for patients with partial insurance cover in Gabon and an e-commerce platform for quality, affordable healthcare services access in Ghana and Nigeria.

The company has now launched a Facility Insights product on its data management tool currently available in 300+ pharmacies across Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda to empower pharmacy owners with tailored data-driven pharmacy insights to solve operational problems.

The easy-to-use platform will support pharmacy owners in generating accurate and updated pharmacy data 24/7 including cross-cutting sales, profits and product reports over specific date intervals, measure highest and lowest selling products by months as well as insights into mutti member retention and registrations.

 mPharma’s new tool seeks to promote well-informed pharmacy management decisions and is expected to be fully operational in all mPharma-partner pharmacies in nine African countries in the coming 3 months to uncover actionable insights that help our pharmacists provide the best care possible.

Facility Insights is now launched in 300+ pharmacies across Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, and Rwanda, and is expected to be fully operational in all mPharma-partner pharmacies in nine African countries in the coming 3 months.

Moreover, the Facility Insights team is currently working on tools that assist pharmacies to forecast future performance from past usage trends and provide intelligent recommendations that power pharmacy growth.

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