UAE – A patient underwent both varicocele repair and hernia surgery at Mubadala Health Dubai, a specialty clinic and day surgery center.

In an official note, Mubadala Health Dubai said: “We not only take a proactive approach to health but also focus on tackling lifestyle-related choices that can lead to future health challenges.”

The patient underwent both varicocele repair and hernia surgery at Mubadala Health, where surgeons used cutting-edge technology to conduct the robotic scope-assisted surgery.

Both procedures were performed simultaneously, with a pioneering procedure incorporating a state-of-the-art robotic microscope, which offers unprecedented benefits.

We have leveraged robotics and the latest medical technologies to complete a series of successful breakthrough surgeries,” disclosed Mubadala Health Dubai.

It is worth highlighting that the robotic microscope allowed for enhanced visualization and precision and reduced the risk of damage to surrounding structures during surgery. 

The successful implementation of this technology was made possible through collaboration between Dr. Rozh Jalil, Consultant Urologist Surgeon and Andrologist at Mubadala Health Dubai, Mubadala Health Dubai, and the device manufacturer.

Commenting on this collaboration, Mubadala Health Dubai said: “The device manufacturer provided the necessary training and support, allowing for a seamless integration of the robotic microscope into the surgical setting.”

Mubadala Health Dubai further stated that Dr. Rozh Jalil and the surgical team worked closely with the device manufacturer to configure the microscope for this procedure.

Notably, Dr. Rozh Jalil led the surgical team in utilizing cutting-edge technology to perform the robotic scope-assisted varicocele repair and hernia surgery.

Dr. Rozh believes that the robotic microscope may have applications beyond varicocele surgery as he continues exploring its potential use in surgical sperm retrieval for fertility treatments and vasectomy reversals.

The improved vision and magnification were noticeable, eliminating the need to constantly peer through a microscope and strain my neck. This provided me with the freedom to move my head around comfortably,” confirmed Dr. Rozh.

On the novel procedure, Dr. Rozh highlighted that the robotic microscope offered a smoother experience compared to using a traditional microscope.

The surgical team leveraged cutting-edge technology to help them remove both the varicocele and hernia without damaging any healthy reproductive tissues.

Speaking on the patient success story, Dr. Jalil observed that patients undergoing this procedure experience a smoother recovery compared to traditional methods while emphasizing that the robotic microscope positively impacted both patient care and the surgeon’s well-being during the procedure.

The use of the robotic microscope improved surgical outcomes, reduced operative time, and enhanced patient comfort. In the case of this patient, he experienced minimal post-operative pain and a quick recovery,” outlined Dr. Jalil.

Currently, one of the major obstacles facing patients with varicocele is that the condition can lead to symptoms such as persistent pain and fertility problems.

Patients with varicocele often require surgical intervention to alleviate discomfort and improve their reproductive health, and worryingly, it is very hard to see even with an operating microscope.

For this reason, the Mubadala Health Dubai team harnessed the power of cutting-edge robotic microscope-assisted technology to transform the way varicocele surgery is performed.

Commenting on the significant milestone development in the field of urology, Dr. Rozh Jalil said: “With the introduction of the robotic microscope, it allows us to minimize trauma to surrounding structures of the male genitalia.”

Dr. Rozh explained that injuries to lymphatics or nerves, which are not visible to the naked eye, can result in postoperative numbness and fluid accumulation.

As such, the robotic microscope aided in preventing irreversible damage to the nervous system and subsequent complications following the varicocele treatment.

Our guiding principle has always been to perform the surgical procedure as swiftly as possible for the benefit of the patient, minimizing anesthetic time and ensuring a quicker exit from the operating room,” outlined Dr. Rozh.

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