FRANCE – bioMérieux, a global leader in in vitro diagnostics has launched a new mobile application, MYACUTECASE, meant to support clinicians in decision-making and monitoring of patients using emergency and critical care diagnostics.

The first of its kind developed by bioMérieux, this mobile application aids in the interpretation of VIDAS emergency and critical care biomarker tests.

Diagnostic options in hospitals, particularly for emergency cases, can be limited for patients with acute and complex pathologies.

Clinicians must assess and identify the appropriate therapeutic protocol for each patient quickly and accurately.

With the vast array of biomarkers available today, interpretation can be difficult, but it is critical for optimizing patient care and saving lives.

Therefore, it is critical to align medical diagnostic and management decisions with corresponding guidelines, expert recommendations, and best practices for correct interpretation of a specific in vitro diagnostics (IVD) test.

Within the same application, educational materials and a test interpretation aid are available.

MYACUTECASE is a simple-to-use mobile app. This first version focuses on four emergency and critical care tests.

It will assist hospitals to support continuous healthcare education through on-demand high medical value content regarding targeted disease states, corresponding diagnostic pathways, relevant biomarkers, and their use in various situations via the application’s educational material.

Furthermore, it compiles all of the information found in the test’s package insert, information brochure, various peer-reviewed national and international guidelines, and other relevant material into a single digital tool.

With MYACUTECASE, our goal is to help clinicians choose the right biomarker tests to order for a particular patient and facilitate the interpretation of results.”

Mark Miller, Executive Vice President, & Chief Medical Officer, bioMerieux.


A rapid and easy access to testing and disease information, expert guidelines and best practices will allow clinicians to improve patient care and potentially to save lives.

A solution created for and with clinicians

MYACUTECASE, which is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, provides comprehensive biomarker information as well as decision-support tools for confident clinical decision-making with the VIDAS assays.

It was created in collaboration with experts and target users, designed and approved by more than 20 clinicians.

The application is now available for free on the Apple App Store in both French and English, and it is intended to evolve by adding additional test parameters or languages.

It will also be compatible with other operating systems in the future, such as Android.

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