INDIA – MyHealthcare has launched a single screen electronic medical record (EMR), a system that allows doctors, clinicians to enter all medical records of a patient encounter on a single screen.

The system aims to help doctors experience a more efficient and painless approach to delivering care by offering an EMR platform that promises fewer clicks, faster workflows, and the ability to truly work on one screen.

According to MyHealthcare, the Single Screen EMR has been built with a high level of configuration that allows doctors to design their own process workflows with a click of a button while treating patients in multiple scenarios be it in an outpatient department (OPD) or virtually.

MyHealthcare single screen EMR has a built-in CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) through which the doctor can view the patient’s history that is captured with the help of the EMR.

It gives doctors the flexibility to use its proprietary voice to text wherever they wish. A CDSS-based care protocol library provides doctors with structured templates to better and more effective patient care experience.

Single screen EMR comes with structured drug formulary and library of diagnostics tests and procedures.

The EMR is very configurable, permitting doctors to arrange, customize their EMR screens as per their necessities.

The care protocol library has been designed based on evidence-based research from ICMR, American College of Cardiology and other such institutions.

The single screen EMR provides a complete view of a patient’s medical history, with AI based analytics of their vital records, pathology data, including clinical markers to help doctors with their clinical decisions.

The system has benefits that can even be utilized for research purposes like studying the data of prescribing patterns with the preloaded protocols to see how a patient presented with the same set of complaints and history in South India may have a different probable provisional diagnosis than one in North India since they might be certain diseases endemic to a region.

It has been designed based mostly on months of analysis with docs in understanding their sample of remedy and guaranteeing the EMR suits their care path flows.

The EMR is very configurable, permitting doctors to arrange, customize their EMR screens as per their necessities.

Going ahead MyHealthcare goals to take up Oncology as their goal specialty and believes that this intuitive EMR shall be a revolutionizing device as doctors wouldn’t have to must through tons of paper to know their patient’s medical history and provide quality care.

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