INDIA – Indian biotechnology company Mylab Discovery Solutions has started rolling out its new product, Mybox+ diagnostic device with its Dry Luminescence technology, to improve patient care.

Mylab has officially launched its Mybox+ diagnostic device comprising a range of diagnostic tests including a Thyroid panel (T-3, T-4, TSH), Cardiac marker (Troponin), and biomarker (CRP, D-Dimer).

In a press release, the biotech firm said: “The introduction of MyBox+ device and its Dry Luminescence technology represents a transformative step forward in the field of diagnostics.”

Mylab aims to cater to the demands of small laboratories, clinics, and centers with the introduction of the MyBox+ device and its Dry Luminescence technology.

MyBox+ is a portable device powered by optical Artificial Intelligence-based engines designed to deliver highly accurate, rapid quantitative and qualitative results in clinical samples.

With the advent of this MyBox+ device with proprietary Dry Luminescence Immunoassay (LIA), physicians can leverage state-of-the-art dry luminescence technology to provide rapid and reliable clinical results within minutes.

Dry Luminescence Assay testing is a diagnostic technique that utilizes luminescent reactions to detect and quantify specific substances or biomarkers in biological samples, the biotech said in a press release.

Unlike traditional liquid-based assays, dry luminescence assays are designed to be performed on test strips, without the need for processing.

Mylab is currently offering this groundbreaking technology for clinical diagnostics, research laboratories, and point-of-care testing across India.

Clinicians will be empowered and provided with these Dry-LIA tests to provide valuable insights into disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic monitoring in patients experiencing various diseases.

These Dry-LIA tests offer increased sensitivity and are particularly valuable for detecting and quantifying specific biomarkers associated with diseases, infections, genetic disorders, or drug responses,” pointed out Mylab.

The launch of the MyBox+ device with proprietary Dry-LIA tests underpins the company’s commitment to providing healthcare professionals with advanced tools to facilitate early diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

According to the company’s statement, the MyBox+ device can be distributed to small labs and centers for the effective detection, accurate diagnosis, and effective management of more than 30 diseases.

MyBox+ device will serve as an invaluable diagnostic tool for use in small and medium-sized laboratories and clinics, enabling physicians to perform a broader range of tests at their facilities.

On the other hand, Mylab’s Dry Luminescence technology offers a game-changing solution for small labs and clinics that previously faced limitations in performing certain tests.

This technology marks a departure from traditional liquid reagent-based testing methods. Until now, many small labs had to rely on outsourcing these tests to larger facilities, which often resulted in delayed results and increased costs associated with sample transportation,” stated Mylab.

The tailor-made equipment will allow in-house diagnostic testing without having to send samples to central labs or other cities, which increases the risk of spoiled samples and delayed reporting.

Mylab is introducing conventional diagnostic solutions to create a decentralized diagnostic ecosystem where medical technicians can use nearby facilities offering quality diagnostics at faster turn-around times.

Speaking about the new product launches, Hasmukh Rawal, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Mylab, said: “By bringing advanced testing capabilities to small labs, we aim to democratize diagnostic services, ensuring that critical tests are accessible to all, regardless of geographic location or facility size.”

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