TANZANIA – Tanzania’s Ministry of Health is rushing to contain an outbreak of a strange nose bleeding illness detected in the country’s southern region of Lindi that has infected 13 people and claimed three lives so far.

Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Alfello Sichalwe said the major symptoms reported by the patients afflicted with the deadly disease include fever, nosebleeds, headache and body fatigue, noting that the samples collected showed negative for COVID-19, Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever.

Dr Alfello Sichalwe said the preliminary samples were tested at the National Public Health Laboratory, confirming that further epidemiological and medical investigations will be conducted while waiting for results from the medical and veterinary laboratories and Chief Government Chemist Laboratory.

Alfello explained that health experts have intensified efforts to curb the disease like identifying people with similar symptoms and isolating them to control further spread while those who had contacts with patients, suspected cases and deceased are being monitored for 21 days.

We need all hands on deck to prevent and control zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, monkeypox, and even other coronaviruses

Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO’s regional director for Africa


The Tanzanian Government is working with relevant partners to implement infection control and disease surveillance measures such as quarantining patients that are suspected to have been infected by the disease and contact tracing.

A team of experts from the Department of Epidemics, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, National Medical Research Institute and Department of Livestock has been dispatched by the Ministry of Health to investigate the outbreak in Lindi and execute infection preventive measures.

Other participating experts are corroborating with the Emergency Medicine Department, Chief Government Chemist and Muhimbili National Hospital and the Lindi Regional team which involved the Veterinary Department.

In addition, the Tanzanian Government has prepared medicines, medical supplies and protective gears for attending patients who will show symptoms related to the mysterious nose bleeding disease while working to identify the source of the current outbreak spreading through the country’s southern region.

The Chief Medical Officer revealed that a total of 13 patients were reported to have contracted the mysterious disease with three succumbing to the illness and two patients isolated at Mbekenyera Health Centre who were discharged after showing positive recovery.

Alfello Sichalwe disclosed that five patients have isolated themselves at Naungo Division situated in Nanjilinji Ward in Kilwa District, further divulging that one patient who has fully recovered was proceeding with his daily routine.

He further said that health experts have offered treatment to patients who have shown symptoms of the unknown disease and advise them to isolate themselves while waiting for medical results, adding that the government is educating the public on infection prevention and control through media.

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