Neopac unveils new packaging innovations at Pharmapack Paris

Neopac unveils new packaging innovations at Pharmapack Paris

SWITZERLAND—Neopac, a global leader in providing top-tier packaging and dosing solutions for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and oral care, introduced a range of cutting-edge products at the Pharmapack Paris event held on January 24-25.

Highlighted in Neopac’s exhibition were their latest advancements in tube technology, notably the revolutionary 10mm CR-Tube, recognized as the world’s smallest child-resistant tube.

This innovative product, currently available in a 10mm diameter and 0.5-2 ml capacity, is crafted from pharmaceutical-grade materials, making it ideal for liquids and creams.

Manufactured under ISO 8 cleanroom standards at Neopac facilities in Europe and the United States, the CR-Tube offers high-barrier protection for delicate, toxic, or concentrated fluids and can be customized with direct printing for a distinctive appearance.

In addition to the breakthrough CR-Tube, Neopac showcased the Twist’n’Use Soft Long Nozzle designed for pharma tube dispensing.

This nozzle, tailored for Neopac’s small-diameter tubes, facilitates smooth and precise product distribution in sensitive areas such as gums, noses, and ears.

The tamper-evident closure is compatible with tubes up to 16mm in diameter and capacities up to 10 mL.

Neopac also unveiled the SteriDrop™ tube, designed to provide enhanced protection for preservative-free eyedrops.

Utilizing Neopac’s Barrier-Laminate technology and filled on sterile tube filling lines, the SteriDrop™ tube, when paired with an ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from partner Aptar Pharma, ensures efficient protection against microbial contamination before, during, and after initial consumer use. The SteriDrop™ tubes hold up to 10ml, equivalent to three months of daily eye therapy.

Expanding their product line, Neopac introduced new variants of their LowPro Caps at Pharmapack.

Available in polypropylene or polyethylene constructions with a glossy or matte finish, these caps not only allow for customizable packaging to match visual appeal but also contribute to sustainability through lightweighting.

The LowProfile Caps can incorporate various safety features, including tamper-evident stickers and sleeves, ensuring product integrity and building consumer trust.

Martina Christiansen, Director of Sales Tubes at Neopac, underscored the company’s dedication to advancing materials science and providing innovative solutions to valued clients.

He also highlighted the success of Pharmapack, stating that it provided an excellent platform for showcasing Neopac’s latest innovations to the global pharmaceutical sector.

Neopac, a subsidiary of the privately held Hoffmann Neopac Group in Thun, Switzerland, operates in six locations, producing high-quality metal and plastic packaging.

The company, committed to sustainability in both production methods and corporate culture, employs over 1,250 people and has a production capacity of 1.3 billion tubes.

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