OMAN – A new breast cancer clinic has been commissioned at Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital to offer reprieve to patients in the Sultanate of Oman.

The new clinic launched at Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital will be led by Dr. Salim Al Rahbi and Dr. Abha Singhvi.

In a news release published by Aster DM Healthcare Limited, Dr. Abha Singhvi, Specialist – General Surgery, Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital, reflected: “Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital has been at the forefront of providing top-notch healthcare services.”

Dr. Abha Singhvi underscored that the opening of the Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic signifies a significant enhancement in healthcare options, particularly in the field of breast health.

It is worth highlighting that the new clinic inauguration has been spearheaded by Aster DM Healthcare Limited, which owns Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital.

Aster DM Healthcare Limited recently unveiled the Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital situated in Al Ghubra in the city of Muscat.

Aster DM Healthcare Limited is one of the largest private healthcare service providers operating in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and India.

In his address, Dr. Salim Al Rahbi, Consultant Breast Surgeon at Aster Al Royal Raffah Hospital, said: “We are steadfast in our mission to improve outcomes and the overall well-being of our patients.”

Aster DM Healthcare Limited has a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary healthcare through its hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs, and patient experience centers located in various countries.

The establishment of the Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic reiterates the healthcare provider’s commitment to the enhancement of healthcare in the Sultanate.

Located within the 175-bed multispecialty tertiary care facility, Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic is fully prepared to cater to Oman’s population of 5 million.

Our clinic is committed to guiding patients through every step of their journey, from early diagnosis to surgery, ensuring that they receive the best possible care from our expert team of radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons,” stated Dr. Salim Al Rahbi.

The Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic will provide a one-stop setting for patients to receive specialized breast cancer care.

This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to the early detection and comprehensive treatment of breast cancer and other breast-related ailments.

Undisputedly, the launch of Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic for specialized breast cancer care marks a significant milestone for the healthcare system in the Sultanate.

Commenting on the disease burden in Oman, Dr. Salim Al Rahbi explained: “At Aster, we have observed that early diagnosis of breast cancer within patients can result in slower progression of the condition, along with better chances at survival.”

The launch of Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital’s ultramodern facility comes at a crucial time when the incidence of breast cancer accounts for 12.5% of new annual cancer cases worldwide.

Closing the care gap

According to the Oman Cancer Association (OCA), breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer among women worldwide, accounting for 1 in 4 cancer cases.

It is worrying that nearly 31% of breast cancer cases in Oman are diagnosed at advanced stages, emphasizing the need for early intervention and specialized care.

Access to specialized services is critical to reducing the prevalence of the malignant disease in Oman, where breast cancer disproportionately affects women.

The Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and is staffed by a team of expert medical professionals dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.

The newly launched clinic features a wide range of advanced diagnostic technologies, including world-class breast mammography, ultrasound, and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

With a team of highly specialized breast oncology consultants and dedicated nurses focusing on breast wound care and post-surgery support, patients can rest assured they will receive the highest level of care throughout their treatment journey,” acknowledged Dr. Salim.

The medical staff will utilize advanced diagnostic tools to ensure early detection of malignant tumors, and accurate diagnosis of breast-related issues while minimizing patient discomfort.

For breast cancer care, Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic will offer an array of services including staging equipment, lymph node biopsies, and a comprehensive support system.

The Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic will provide open and guided biopsies, performed in collaboration with skilled interventional radiologists.

This ultramodern clinic is also well-equipped to address benign breast tumors, such as fibro adenoma, inflammatory breast conditions, and abscess just to name a few.

With the launch of the new facility, Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital ushers a new era in healthcare by bringing diverse, diagnostic and therapeutic services closer to patients in the Sultanate of Oman.

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