KENYA – The healthcare sector in Africa is set to be better informed through a new initiative that is launching a website and a magazine dedicated to facilitate further development and growth of the sector.

The HealthCare Africa magazine and website are new resources that will provide the platforms to showcase the progress and initiatives in the business of health in Africa, where vast opportunities and challenges exist side by side – as surging opportunities for investments are counterbalanced by surging and dire need for even the most basic healthcare.

The magazine and website, which are a regional first and will be published in Nairobi, Kenya, are expected to inform the healthcare industry stakeholders in Africa and beyond, of the vast opportunities that reside in Africa.

According to the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, in the next 10 years, Africa is estimated to require about US$25-30 million worth of investments in the healthcare sector.

The IFC notes that this investment will be required to deliver over 500,000 additional hospital beds, build better production facilities and distribution/retail systems for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and to employ more than 90,000 physicians, 500,000 nurses and 300,000 community health workers – with about 50% of these investments being focused on the private sector and largely in the small and medium scale realm.

These investments are important, since Africa carries a heavy disease burden that many governments across the continent can adequately afford to fund. The IFC notes that most governments in Africa cannot afford to spend the US$34-40 per person per year, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The voice of healthcare in Africa

The HealthCare Africa magazine and website will be seeking to highlight the latest happenings, opportunities, market trends and challenges in an industry with immense potential and opportunity – if the IFC’s estimates are to be harnessed adequately.

With the healthcare sector becoming more vibrant across the continent, these platforms will seek to be the leading sources of information for the healthcare sector in Africa – while documenting the progress of the industry in the region.

The magazine and website will cover the latest news from the health sector in Africa and the World, highlighting such important elements such as regulatory and policy updates; investments and funding deals; mergers, acquisitions and divestments; research and development breakthroughs; and innovations and new product releases by the industry stakeholders.

The primary audience for the platforms will encompass stakeholders in the private, public, non-profit and academia and research, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, development partners, faith-based organisations, NGOs, consultants, universities and institutes and regulatory authorities in Africa.

It will engage with the key decision makers across the healthcare industry in Africa, including investors, managers and professionals, industry associations and carry regular interviews and company profiles of leading players in the healthcare value chain in the continent, providing a 360-degree view to the rise of the sector.

Once up and running, the platforms will, in due course, expand its scope of opportunities to engage with the sector through high quality webinars and other digital events in order to enable industry stakeholders to learn, discover and network as they seek business and networking opportunities in the region.

The magazine will be published every three months originally, with plans to produce it every two months after a year. It will be available in print for targeted, free distribution in Eastern Africa, with the digital edition available for free to any readers in Africa and around the World.

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