SOUTH AFRICA—Bayer South East Africa, a subsidiary of Bayer AG and developer of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in dermatology and gastrointestinal,  nutritionals and analgesics, has announced Jessica Nkosi as a brand ambassador for Bepanthen DERMA.

Jessica Nkosi, a South African actress and TV presenter, will serve as an ambassador for Bayer South Africa Consumer Health’s Bepanthen DERMA line of products for dry and sensitive skin.

She is a well-known artist, elegant woman, and holistic wellness advocate who exemplifies Bepanthen DERMA’s commitment to skin health.

With Jessica Nkosi as Bepanthen DERMA’s brand ambassador, consumers can expect real activities that highlight the importance of skincare and promote healthy, beautiful skin.

Jessica Nkosi’s love for health and beauty makes her an ideal representative of Bepanthen DERMA’s commitment to caring for South African consumers’ skin.

Bayer’s innovative global portfolio includes over 170 consumer health brands, empowering consumers to take control of their health needs across a wide range of illnesses, including dermatology1.

 The partnership between Bepanthen DERMA and Jessica exemplifies Bayer’s continued efforts to find new methods to engage, interact, and communicate with customers.

Jessica Nkosi, in her new role as a Bepanthen DERMA ambassador, will engage with the public through various initiatives, sharing her personal experiences with the brand’s products and emphasizing the need to incorporate a full skincare routine into daily life.

Speaking at her debut as the brand ambassador, Nkosi stated that Bayer’s Bepanthen has always been at the forefront of skincare, and she is thrilled to be a part of a company that shares her beliefs.

She went on to note that skin health is an important element of overall wellbeing, and she looks forward to sharing the advantages of Bepanthen DERMA’s product range with South Africans.

S’thokoza Nhleko, Marketing Head for Anglo-Speaking SubSahara, stated that Jessica has a strong influence on South African audiences and that this collaboration promises to be mutually beneficial, making her the ideal fit for the brand.

She went on to express her excitement and confidence that their work with Jessica Nkosi to promote skin health will be well received by consumers and reinforce the brand’s position as a dependable skincare ally.

Customers can expect innovative partnerships, smart skincare suggestions, and inspiring messages from Jessica Nkosi, a Bepanthen DERMA skin health and radiance ambassador in South Africa.

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