NTT and Olympus collaborate on real-time cloud processing for endoscopy systems

NTT and Olympus collaborate on real-time cloud processing for endoscopy systems

JAPAN — NTT Corporation (NTT), a Japanese telecommunication holding company, and Olympus Corporation (Olympus), a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products, have initiated a joint demonstration experiment for a cloud endoscopy system capable of cloud-based image processing.

This innovative cloud endoscopy system leverages Olympus’ cutting-edge endoscope technology to perform image processing remotely on the cloud, a departure from conventional processing methods within the endoscopic equipment.

Through this demonstration experiment, the collaborative effort aims to establish a reference model for the commercialization of the cloud endoscopy system.

The objective is to overcome current limitations in the processing performance of endoscopic equipment, enhance maintainability, and enable a flexible and swift market response.

To realize the cloud endoscopy system, NTT and Olympus have commenced demonstration experiments centered on NTT’s IOWN APN.

This technology facilitates real-time image processing on the cloud, addressing technical challenges within the network.

In this experiment, the companies will construct an experimental environment where an actual endoscope and a GPU server are connected via IOWN APN.

This setup will simulate cloud-based processing via an optical transmission path with high-speed, low-latency capabilities.

Verification will ensure that processing delays associated with the cloud are mitigated and that the system maintains the high reliability and availability required for medical devices, including network failure fallback measures.

Information security will also be validated through encryption between the endoscope and the cloud, utilizing secure optical transport network technology, to safeguard against potential cyberattacks, including those leveraging quantum computers.

Drawing insights from the demonstration experiment, NTT and Olympus will collaboratively explore the commercialization of the cloud endoscopy system.

By offloading processing tasks to GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) in cloud data centers, users will benefit from the latest functionalities through cloud-based software updates, facilitating real-time remote diagnosis and treatment by sharing video information across multiple hospitals.

NTT aims to establish a reference model for a network for medical devices, addressing various technical challenges associated with transitioning medical devices to the cloud.

Meanwhile, Olympus will contribute expertise in the endoscopy field, defining specific requirements and evaluation criteria for the cloud endoscopy concept and providing endoscopic equipment for the demonstration experiment.

Through this joint effort, NTT and Olympus seek to validate the feasibility of the cloud endoscopy system and contribute to societal advancements by expanding access to advanced medical care.

NTT plans to explore additional use cases, such as integrating other medical devices into the cloud, based on insights gained from the demonstration experiment.

Olympus will continue to explore advanced technologies, including the cloud endoscopy system, using IOWN technology to address customer needs and challenges. 

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