TANZANIA – CRDB Bank, one of the largest lenders in Tanzania, has constructed and handed over a modern one-stop customer service centre to Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI).

The centre will now enable ORCI to direct communicate, educate, and assists patients in their respective areas thus reducing the trouble to travel a long distance to seek crucial medical information including appointments.

The bank constructed the centre after raising money from a special marathon stage in 2021 where part of the fund, TSh102 million (US$43,623), was direct to ORCI’s customer service centre.

CRDB’s Managing Director Abdulmajid Nsekela said in the 2021 marathon they managed to raise TSh500 million (US$213,839) out of which TSh102 million (US$43,623) was committed to finance the construction of ORCI’s customer centre.

“The centre will facilitate the delivery of services, education and advice on cancer to many Tanzanians,” Mr Nsekela said during the handing-over ceremony. The centre was received by Dar es Salaam RC Amos Makala.

Additionally, the call centre is also going to make it all easier for cancer patients to receive much need education and simplify the procedure for meeting doctors and accessing services.

ORCI’s Executive Director Dr Julius Mwaiselage thanked the bank for supporting the construction of the centre, which will help the institute to implement its goals, especially in increasing awareness of cancer an important element in the fight against the disease.

“We thank the CRDB along with its partners Sanlam, Strategis and Alliance Insurance as well as some 5,000 runners for their participation in the 2021 marathon today we have been able to have this modern facility that is going to save the lives of many people,” said Dr Mwaiselage.

The soft handover ceremony was preceded by a charity walk led by Mr Makala during the commemoration of World Cancer Day–nationally in Dar es Salaam, aiming to raise awareness of cancer.

Some participants of the walk were those who survived cancer where they emphasized the importance of regular cancer screening since early detection contributes immensely on in its treatment.

“I believe this year’s CRDB Bank Marathon will be better than the previous ones. Let’s participate in great numbers since the funds raised are returned to the community, especially in the health sector,” RC Makala said.

The RC congratulated the CRDB and its partners for successfully building the centre as per their promise during the marathon.

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