OMAN – Shifa Hospital has opened its new High-Tech hybrid catheterization lab within its premises in Maebela South in the heart of Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman

This news comes shortly after the hospital’s Orthopaedic department introduced comprehensive treatments to cover a wide range of Orthopaedic and Trauma specialties.

Shifa Hospital is a purpose-built facility solely owned, designed, and operated by Omani pioneers with a core focus on surgical specialties.

With the launch of the new Hybrid Cath Lab, Shifa Hospital is expanding the availability of complex heart and vascular care for its clients in the region.

This Hybrid Cath Lab will offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with heart and vascular conditions.

It is in line with the fully-fledged medical service provider’s mission to provide patients with state-of-the-art treatment facilities and ensure their access to highly skilled medical professionals.

Commenting on the new dedicated unit, Dr. Salim Al Ghannami, Chief Executive Officer of Shifa Hospital, said: “As part of our unwavering commitment to supporting Oman Vision 2040, Shifa Hospital is dedicated to expanding our surgical specialties.”

The Hybrid Cath Lab houses a non-invasive lab that clinicians will use to conduct a variety of diagnostic tests, Cardiac MRI scans, and stress tests.

The new facility also features an in-house rehabilitation center with a team of trained professionals to support patients after they undergo complex procedures, ensuring they recover faster and better.

Additionally, the Hybrid Cath Lab at Shifa Hospital is equipped with the Allia IGS 7 image-guided therapy system developed by GE Healthcare to improve local access to world-class cardiac care.

Powered by GE Healthcare’s Edison intelligence platform, the Allia IGS 7 system offers the first Artificial Intelligence-driven imaging chain that may reduce radiation dose and contrast for interventional procedures.

This Allia imaging system comprises a digital hub of software packages that equip physicians with the clinical information they need to plan, guide, and assess intricate procedures.

Located within the premises of Shifa Hospital, the Hybrid Cath Lab is the first-of-its-kind facility in the private healthcare sector in the Sultanate of Oman.

The combination of advanced imaging technology with an interventional device for minimally invasive procedures will allow physicians to offer specialized cardiac services.

Commenting on the adoption of the Allia IGS 7 system, Dr. Salim Al Ghannami stated: “The introduction of the remarkable Allia IGS 7 system signifies a breakthrough in medical technology.”

Shifa Hospital’s new Hybrid Cath Lab is staffed by highly specialized medical experts who will utilize state-of-the-art technology to perform complex procedures with greater precision, safety, and efficiency.

The advanced capabilities of this lab will empower doctors to have greater ease when performing complex procedures, reduce risks related to surgical techniques, and improve patient outcomes.

It can support doctors to increase diagnostic accuracy, make evidence-based informed clinical decisions, and in turn, improve the effectiveness of the treatments they deliver to patients.

We firmly believe that the implementation of the Allia IGS 7 system will have a profound impact on the quality of care we deliver to our patients, solidifying our position in the healthcare sector,” underscored Dr. Salim Al Ghannami.

What’s more, the advanced Hybrid Cath Lab is anticipated to build on the progress made by Shifa Hospital’s Cardiac Centre of Excellence.

Shifa Hospital comprises nine fully integrated Centers of Excellence allowing for the management of various clinical scenarios

Shifa Hospital Oman’s Cardiac Centre of Excellence offers an extensive range of cardiac care services, including basic screening tests, advanced diagnostic services, and therapeutic procedures.

Commenting on standards of cardiac care, Dr. Fahad Al Kindi, Interventional Cardiologist and Head of the Cardiology unit at Shifa Hospital, outlined: “With the introduction of the Allia IGS 7 system, we are further enhancing our ability to provide cutting-edge treatment options and exceptional medical care to our patients.”

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