TANZANIA — PanAfrican Energy Tanzania (PAET) has reaffirmed its dedication to improving the well-being of local communities by making a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art health center in Chumo ward, located in Kilwa District, Lindi.

The project, which commenced construction last year, boasts a total investment of US$380,549 (900 million Tanzanian shillings).

This project is part of PAET’s ongoing efforts to support and uplift the communities where it operates.

The aim was to provide community members with access to high-quality healthcare services in their vicinity.

PAET took full financial responsibility for the project, while sourcing most of the building materials and labor from the region itself.

Andrew Kashangaki, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager at PAET, expressed optimism about the long-term benefits the facility would bring to the local residents.

He emphasized PAET’s commitment to supporting industrial growth through the reliable supply of natural gas in the country.

The newly inaugurated health center in Chumo ward, Kilwa, adds to the growing number of healthcare facilities in Tanzania.

As of 2021, Tanzania had a total of 8,549 health facilities, primarily consisting of dispensaries (around 7,200), alongside 404 hospitals and 956 health centers.

The establishment of this health center by PAET aims to alleviate the strain on urban healthcare facilities and reduce overcrowding, ultimately leading to improved quality of care and better health outcomes for patients in the community.

With its comprehensive range of facilities, including an outpatient department, maternity ward, surgical theater, laboratory, mortuary, and laundry room, this health center is set to significantly enhance healthcare provision in the area.

Chumo, a densely populated ward with approximately 14,000 residents across five villages, will benefit greatly from this addition.

Beyond its role in healthcare provision, the health center will also play a crucial part in delivering preventive care and public health education.

These efforts will have a significant impact on disease prevention and the promotion of healthy behaviors among the local population.

By addressing both curative and preventive aspects of healthcare, the health center contributes to the overall well-being of the community and fosters a healthier and more resilient society.

During the handover ceremony, Christopher Ngubiagai, the Kilwa District Commissioner, reiterated the government’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare services to Kilwa residents.

He expressed gratitude to PanAfrican Energy, an Orca company, for their invaluable support in improving community health.

Ngubiagai emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in ensuring the delivery of high-quality social services to communities in need.

PAET’s investments in Kilwa District extend beyond healthcare infrastructure. The company has also constructed a kindergarten, a secondary school dormitory, and a science laboratory on Songo Songo Island.

Additionally, PAET has funded the construction of a fully operational health center in Somanga, along with two dispensaries in Nangurukuru and Nahama wards.

Furthermore, PAET has contributed to the development of a maternity waiting ward in Kinyonga and a primary school in Migeregere.

As the largest gas producer in Tanzania, PAET’s Songo Songo gas-to-electricity project plays a vital role in meeting approximately 60% of the country’s gas demand.

This enables a significant percentage of the nation’s power generation, contributing to Tanzania’s overall development and progress.

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