KENYA—Pathologists Lancet Kenya, a renowned diagnostic provider in the country, has successfully completed its rebranding process and will now operate under the name Cerba Lancet Kenya.

This milestone was announced during the company’s 15th-year anniversary since its inception by Dr. Ahmed Kalebi, the founding partner and Group CEO of Lancet Group of Labs, headquartered in South Africa.

In 2019, Lancet Laboratories, operating in Kenya and 14 other African countries, entered into a joint venture (JV) with the European multinational Cerba HealthCare, which now holds a majority share.

This strategic partnership aimed to leverage Cerba HealthCare’s global corporate expertise and Lancet Kenya’s resources to enhance evidence-based healthcare delivery across Kenya and Africa, effectively diagnosing and managing illnesses and addressing public health challenges.

The rebranding initiative underscores Cerba Lancet Kenya’s commitment to maintaining its position as a leading provider of local diagnostics, offering superior standards of pathology and biomedical services in Kenya.

It is expected to optimize customer service and facilitate seamless collaboration among partners to deliver world-class personalized care.

The rebrand encompasses a fresh visual identity, an updated website, and a renewed focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, innovation, and personalized support for partners. It reaffirms Cerba Lancet Kenya’s dedication to medical advancements and its aspiration to uphold its leadership in private diagnostics services.

Commenting on the rebrand, Cerba Lancet Kenya’s Managing Director and Group CEO, Mwende Musunga, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering superior patient care by fostering collaboration and expanding its reach to meet a wider range of patient needs.

She reiterated that while the name has changed, the company’s core principles and business fundamentals remain unchanged.

Musunga expressed optimism that the rebranding will enable Cerba Lancet Kenya to revitalize its efforts in providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities and advancing healthcare technologies to improve patient outcomes.

Established in 2009, Cerba Lancet Kenya offers diagnostic, monitoring, and screening procedures through independent laboratory facilities.

Leveraging its footprint across 14 African countries and expertise in several ISO Kenas 15189 certified sites, Cerba Lancet Kenya stands out as one of the few diagnostic laboratories in the country offering unique specialties such as haematology tests.

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