EGYPT – Pfizer Egypt for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceuticals has announced plans to launch 7 new products in Egypt in 2023 and unveiled its commitment to growing its presence in the Egyptian market in the next few years.

Pfizer revealed this while sharing the company’s latest business update for 2022 and its strategy in Egypt

During a press conference, Pfizer announced providing the latest treatments and medicines to 7 million patients in Egypt, and its goal to reach 7.60 million patients by the end of 2022.

This came on the sidelines of the inauguration of Pfizer’s new office in Cairo, which comes as part of the company’s strategy to provide first-in-class and innovative treatments based on the latest R&D methods in Egypt.

“Pfizer’s inauguration of its new offices, in addition to the new partnerships that Pfizer made with the Government of Egypt earlier this year, is further evidence of the US private and public sectors’ contributions and commitment to Egypt’s health sector,” Ambassador Daniel Rubinstein, US Chargé d’Affairs to Egypt, said:

Patrick van der Loo, Pfizer Regional President for the Middle East, Russia and Africa (MERA) region, said that Egypt is one of their focused markets for Pfizer in the MERA region. “And we aspire to grow our business in the Egyptian market in the coming years with the support of our team that has succeeded in implementing our global strategy based on research, innovation and development,” he said.

Over the past years, Pfizer Egypt has focused its efforts and research on providing solutions and the latest innovations to Egyptian patients and has also been supporting the transformation of the healthcare sector in Egypt in tandem with the sector’s strategic goals for 2030.

“We aim to grow our presence in Egypt through cooperating with the Egyptian government and the healthcare sector and continue to support the government’s initiatives to develop and provide safe and effective treatments based on the latest scientific breakthroughs,” Ahmed El-Shazly, Pfizer Country Manager for Egypt and Sudan, said.

Pfizer has played a significant role in supporting the Presidential initiative to support women health in Egypt by sponsoring awareness campaigns organized by the government, which succeeded in examining nearly 23 million women since its launch in July 2019.

The initiative includes free of charge medical examination and raising awareness for women, starting from the age of 18.

In addition, Pfizer was keen to reach a large number of patients from all different segments of the society and ensure that they receive treatment through cooperating with non-governmental organizations in Egypt.

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