USA – Pfizer is ramping up its collaboration with Saama, a leader in AI solutions, to drive faster clinical research processes, as part of an expansion of their multi-year agreementthataims to streamline its data review procedures using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. 

The agreement was initiated in 2020 and its cornerstone is the Smart Data Quality (SDQ) tool developed to automate Pfizer’s data review processes.  

Notably, SDQ has already demonstrated its efficacy by significantly reducing the time required for database lock. 

Now, Pfizer is poised to extend the use of SDQ across a broader spectrum of global studies, intensifying efforts to enhance and expedite data review processes.  

Moreover, the partnership extends to leveraging Saama’s advanced biometrics research and analysis network to hasten regulatory submissions, promising shorter timelines across Pfizer’s global portfolio. 

Saama’s solutions to transform clinical development 

Saama’s innovative suite of AI-enabled SaaS products optimizes statistical programming and biostatistics workflows, therefore digitizing trial specifications, and producing submission-ready artifacts for regulators. 

 This comprehensive approach not only accelerates regulatory processes but also enables ongoing automation and innovation, potentially further expediting future trial submissions. 

Saama’s solutions facilitate medical review activities, bolster patient safety oversight, and enable predictive insights into subject behavior by unifying and standardizing data.  

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These advancements signify a significant leap forward in the clinical development spectrum, promising improved efficiency and consistency across routine and complex clinical studies. 

Demetris Zambas, Vice President and Global Head of Pfizer’s Data Monitoring and Management, underscored the strategic importance of this partnership and hailed it saying it will essentially accelerate the analysis and reporting for clinical trials.  

“Building a sustainable framework to accelerate analysis and reporting for clinical trials is fundamental to speeding up the development of breakthrough medicines.” he revealed.  

 Zambas went further to state that Pfizer is committed to leveraging Saama’s AI-based technologies to streamline data review and reconciliation efforts, ultimately enhancing the quality and consistency of data across diverse clinical studies. 

“We look forward to expanding our strategic partnership with Saama across our global portfolio, leveraging their cutting-edge, AI-based technologies to reduce the time and effort required for data review and reconciliation, and to improve the quality and consistency of data across routine and complex clinical studies alike.” He added.  

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