CANADA – DrugBank, the world’s most complete and up-to-date pharmaceutical knowledge database, expands operations into Austria, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey to better serve global partners.

DrugBank augments human intelligence to improve the world’s health by offering a suite of products that enable healthcare companies to improve healthcare delivery through precision medicine or clinical software application, while uncovering insights by applying data science to drug discovery.

 “With these new additions, our pharmaceutical knowledge base becomes even more accessible and comprehensive,” explains Mike Wilson, CEO of DrugBank.

 Wilson continues to say the expansion will allow new customers around the world get better access to their product offerings, and helps existing customers grow into new markets.

The latest release of the database (version 5.0) contains 9591 drug entries including 2037 FDA approved small molecule drugs, 241 FDA-approved biotech (protein/peptide) drugs, 96 nutraceuticals and over 6000 experimental drugs.

 Additionally, 4270 non-redundant protein (i.e. drug target/enzyme/transporter/carrier) sequences are linked to these drug entries.

 Each DrugCard entry contains more than 200 data fields with half of the information being devoted to drug/chemical data and the other half devoted to drug target or protein data making DrugBank a validated source of information cited a lot of scientific journals and research papers.

For clinical software customers, such as those in the electronic medical records (EMR) industry, they can use their local region as an entry point to the rest of DrugBank’s structured clinical information.

Those who operate in multiple regions can access clinical information through any combination of regions with one single API. More customers around the world can now search and store up-to-date medications faster and with more accuracy.

Moreover, the expanded coverage lets customers who provide advanced clinical decision support to use DrugBank’s detailed datasets for data analysis and insight generation. DrugBank solves a critical first step, for such users, as it normalizes multi-region medication data by mapping them to common identifiers, and keeps these mappings updated periodically.

“We are seeing more and more customers who not only need a drug lookup tool but perform complex data analysis to uncover insights and make predictions to improve health outcomes,” says Craig Knox, CTO of DrugBank. “Our structured datasets essentially help them skip an often time-consuming step, get more value out of their existing data, and get to insights faster.”