Philips and Teladoc Health in partnership to enhance E-health

USA– US-based healthcare IT firms Royal Philips and Teladoc Health have entered into a partnership to enhance delivery of healthcare solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The two global healthcare IT firms have stated that they will combine their virtual care journey allowing organizations to leverage scarce clinical resources with remote patient monitoring across health facilities.

New patient insights derived from virtual care models will ensure that practitioners can provide patients with improved access to specialist care regardless of time or location.

This is a unique partnership in Australia and New Zealand, and it will deliver comprehensive virtual healthcare solutions across healthcare facilities, enabling virtual care delivery across all healthcare organizations.

“Philips and Teladoc Health will be a powerful combination for health systems in Australia and New Zealand. Together we will deliver what hospitals and health systems want: integrated, enterprise solutions that make the full breadth of virtual care available to their physicians and patients,” said Darren Reynolds, managing director of Teladoc Health ANZ

He continued to say, “Our collaboration will deliver a more seamless, unified experience for clinicians that makes healthcare better, leveraging leading data, analytics and expertise from both companies.”

Overburdened emergency departments, ICU capacity, and elective surgery backlogs are causing long waiting times for people seeking access to healthcare services across Australia and New Zealand’s health networks.

Additionally, rising healthcare costs and increased demand for hospital services are hastening the adoption of virtual health programs, which can leverage limited specialist resources while improving quality and access to care.

Philips Virtual Care Centres are a leading example of how virtual care programs can deliver measurable outcomes, as recognized by Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Virtual Care Solutions.

Philips has used its monitoring, machine learning, and advanced analytics programming in Virtual Care Centres around the world to transform different data into actionable insights that enable clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes, including: reduced patient mortality, faster patient discharge, and reduced hospital stay.

Similarly, Teladoc Health enables hospitals and health systems to extend their organization’s reach and impact across the entire care range, from point-of-care devices to solutions that integrate with existing systems and workflows.

Teladoc Health’s virtual care platform and solutions expand clinicians’ reach to more care sites while improving hospitals’ and health systems’ impact on health and satisfaction outcomes.

In other news, Teladoc has also partnered with Microsoft to make its Solo platform, known as Teladoc Primary 360, available to hospitals and health systems via Teams.

This integrated feature will debut be early next year and will allow clinicians to access clinical data within their EHR system without having to leave the Teams communication platform.

Philips has also added two new products to its HealthSuite digital platform: the patient flow feature, which assists clinicians in managing patients across the care spectrum, and an acute telehealth product, which assists health systems in managing informatics associated with virtual care.

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