SINGAPORE – Philips Foundation, whose mission is to improve cardiac incident, and the social service agency Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) has announced a partnership to improve cardiac incident outcomes in communities by increasing access to quality healthcare.

The non-profit organization of Royal Philips is working on a year-long project to reduce the mortality rate of cardiac incidents and help lower a patient’s risk of hospital readmission.

It aims to bridge the gap in patients’ lack of participation in rehab programs, which is regarded as a major barrier in the secondary prevention of heart disease.

In Singapore, one in every three heart attack patients will have a recurrent cardiac event. Despite the fact that cardiac rehabilitation is the foundation of secondary prevention. According to reports, only 6% to 15% of Singaporean patients attend cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Under the terms of the agreement, 20 Singapore sites will be outfitted with Philips HeartStart automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Also, 500 people will be trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and AED use over the course of a year to build ready and resilient communities that are better equipped to deal with cardiac incidents.

The SHF – Philips Foundation Heart Wellness Centre rehabilitation programs and operations will be funded by the Philips Foundation in the coming year.

The project will address the lack of patient participation in rehabilitation programs and medication adherence, which have been identified as two of the most significant barriers to secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The SHF – Philips Foundation Heart Wellness Centre is one of three SHF-operated facilities that offer heavily subsidized cardiac rehabilitation services.

The SHF-Philips Foundation Heart Wellness Centre’s location, in an area with a high number of elderly people from lower-income families, reflects the Philips Foundation’s commitment to reducing health disparities.

Fortune Centre is a convenient location for cardiac patients and at-risk individuals to access the necessary care equipment and healthcare professionals to maintain their heart health.

Individuals will participate in the Heart Wellness Program, a structured Phase 3 and 4 cardiac rehabilitation programs where SHF’s multidisciplinary healthcare professionals will provide guidance in tailored exercise classes, nutrition counseling, and education on long-term heart-healthy habits – all of which are critical for optimum patient outcomes.

SHF serves approximately 2,500 people at its three locations, 675 of whom are at Fortune Centre.

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