EUROPE—Royal Philips, a renowned leader in health technology, has unveiled the Philips BlueSeal 1.5T magnet, marking a significant milestone in medical imaging.

This innovative technology is poised to revolutionize the accessibility of MRI services, particularly in challenging installation environments such as remote and isolated areas and those prone to tropical storms, earthquakes, and other topographical challenges.

With over 1,000 systems deployed globally, Philips aims to extend access to essentially helium-free MRI to a broader patient population across diverse geographical locations.

Collaborating closely with clients, Philips is set to showcase its commitment to enhancing productivity and fostering sustainable healthcare practices at the European Congress of Radiology 2024(ECR 2024).

The Philips BlueSeal magnet represents a remarkable leap forward in MRI technology, boasting the distinction of being the industry’s first fully sealed 1.5T magnet.

This significantly reduces helium consumption to just 0.5% compared to traditional systems, with this advancement set to address critical installation requirements while mitigating concerns surrounding helium scarcity.

By harnessing the power of BlueSeal technology, Philips enables the delivery of MRI services to previously inaccessible locations, including remote and disaster-prone areas.

The magnet’s lightweight design, weighing 900kg less than conventional systems, eliminates the need for a quench pipe, thereby facilitating installation in unconventional settings.

Speaking during the launch, Dr. Hiroyuki Sugaya, President of Tokyo Sports & Orthopedic Clinic in Japan, underscored the transformative impact of BlueSeal MRI, particularly in urban environments where space constraints necessitate innovative solutions.

He went on to emphasise that this technology has a financial benefit as it reduces the building costs and helium refill requirements.

Since its inaugural installation in 2018, Philips’ BlueSeal magnet has rapidly gained traction worldwide, empowering patients in diverse communities, from isolated islands in Indonesia and Thailand to earthquake-prone regions in Iceland and Japan.

Looking ahead, Philips is expanding the reach of BlueSeal MRI technology by introducing mobile units, exemplified by the upcoming launch of the first BlueSeal MR mobile unit in Europe.

Philips is now transferring their invention in almost helium-free MRI to a mobile truck, with the first BlueSeal MR mobile unit produced in Europe for Denmark-based Agito Medical Imaging set to launch at ECR 2024.

This strategic initiative underscores Philips’ commitment to innovation and its unwavering dedication to advancing patient-centred care.

On his part, Ruud Zwerink, Business Leader of MR at Philips, affirmed the remarkable acceptance of BlueSeal MRI technology on a global scale, citing its role in bridging the gap between patients and cutting-edge imaging capabilities.

With a focus on alleviating helium supply chain disruptions, Philips remains steadfast in its mission to make MRI services accessible wherever they are needed.

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