NETHERLANDS—Royal Philips, an internationally recognized global pioneer in health technology, has revealed its position as one of the top patent applicants at the European Patent Office.

With a rich history of over 130 years of pioneering invention, Philips’ extensive global research and development activities, as well as strategic alliances, solidify the company’s position at the forefront of health technology advancement.

In the revolutionary year of 2023, Philips positively affected the lives of an incredible 1.9 billion people globally with innovative solutions, displaying its steadfast commitment to improving global health and well-being.

Notably, Philips obtained 607 MedTech patent applications, establishing itself as the second-largest applicant in the EPO’s Patent Index for 2023 within the medical technology sector.

In addition, the company filed 1,299 patent applications in a variety of fields, cementing its status as one of the top ten patent filers in the world.

Speaking during the announcement, Royal Philips CEO Roy Jakobs emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing people’s health and well-being through impactful innovation.

He emphasized the enormous potential for positive change through innovation, design excellence, and environmental initiatives.

Jakobs also highlighted Philips’ successful relationships with healthcare partners to boost efficiency, provide superior care, and empower people to take control of their health through personalized health proposals.

Philips’ portfolio of patient- and people-centric solutions includes hardware, software, artificial intelligence, and services that address care needs both in hospitals and at home.

Philips’ strategic focus on informatics and AI demonstrates its dedication to driving innovation in these fields.

The company is a leader in AI-related patent applications in healthcare, with software development accounting for roughly half of its R&D workforce.

 Through groundbreaking initiatives like unlocking insights from combined imaging and monitoring data pools, Philips is revolutionizing care delivery and improving outcomes.

This establishes the organization as a reputable global leader and preferred partner in software, data analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Philips, known for its unrelenting commitment to healthcare advancement, committed roughly EUR 1.7 billion in research & development in 2023, much above the industry average and accounting for 9% of total revenues.

With a diverse intellectual property portfolio that includes patent rights, trademarks, design rights, and domain names, Philips continues to drive innovation and define the future of health technology on a worldwide level.

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