USA — Philips has made a significant announcement, introducing a cloud-based version of its Vue Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at the recent Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) congress.

The next-generation HealthSuite Imaging platform, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), showcases an array of features, including remote access to diagnostic readings, integrated reporting, and AI-enabled workflow orchestration.

The HealthSuite Imaging platform aims to revolutionize radiology by enabling radiologists and clinicians to swiftly adopt new capabilities, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and elevating patient care.

The platform’s diagnostic workspace integrates study interpretation and reporting into a single AI-enhanced application, facilitating sophisticated image processing and streamlining clinical workflows.

One of the key advantages emphasized by Philips is the cloud-based nature of HealthSuite Imaging, providing expedited access to studies from both hospital premises and remote locations.

Having collaborated with AWS earlier this year, Philips has successfully migrated over 80 sites in the United States and Latin America to its HealthSuite Imaging PACS.

This migration empowers these healthcare facilities to scale their AI-based workflow orchestration capabilities, allowing for continuous study readings from any location, 24/7.

Philips disclosed that additional healthcare systems, such as Tufts Medicine, are in the process of migrating to the HealthSuite Imaging platform.

Tufts Medicine, in collaboration with Philips, envisions building an enterprise-wide integrated diagnostics platform, commencing with a cloud-enabled radiology PACS.

This strategic partnership prioritizes maintaining the highest standards of clinical quality and data security.

Shafiq Rab, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Tufts Medicine, expressed their commitment to leveraging the cloud-enabled radiology PACS as a foundational step in advancing their integrated diagnostics platform.

This initiative aligns with Tufts’ strategic partnership with Philips, focusing on enhancing clinical quality while ensuring robust data security measures.

The collaboration between Philips and AWS is poised to extend beyond the HealthSuite Imaging platform. The companies plan to apply foundation models to advance AI in healthcare, utilizing the Amazon Bedrock service.

This exploration aims to automate administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency across the healthcare portfolio and contributing to more accurate diagnoses.

Alongside the HealthSuite Imaging platform, Philips introduced various AI-enabled radiology solutions at the RSNA congress. One notable addition is an end-to-end AI tool known as AI Manager.

This tool seamlessly integrates with a user’s IT infrastructure, empowering radiologists to leverage over 100 AI applications.

The comprehensive assessment provided by AI Manager promises deeper clinical insights within the radiology workflow, marking a significant stride toward the integration of AI in diagnostic practices.

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