INDIA – Polybond India Private Limited has entered into a strategic pact with Prejex Inc., a spin-off of Germany-based Prejex GMBH, with an aim to manufacture needle-less injections in Prune, India for the entire world.

In a press release, Prejex said that its New Drug Delivery System (NDDS) via needle-less injections is a cutting-edge innovation that the medical world has long been waiting for.

Prejex, a developer of a needle-free drug injector system for drug delivery, disclosed that the novel injections will be launched in two different models namely the N-Jector Series and the Prejex Multi-Reusable Device.

The N-Jector Series will be a single-dose disposable device that is ‘pre-filled’ in an ampoule and the device can easily be packed and disposed of once the dose has been administered. The device and ampoule can both be stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature.

The Prejex Multi-Reusable Device will go up to 30,000 clicks and will be ideal for home use and self-administration. It will be compatible with pre-filled and non-filled ampoules that can be attached easily via a simple twist,” Prejex announced.

A broad spectrum of applications can be covered using these needle-less injections including Diabetes, Endocrinology, Oncology supportive care, local anesthetics, autoimmune diseases, fertility hormones, erectile dysfunction, vaccines, cosmetics, and biosimilars.

Prejex provides a solution to a variety of issues that professionals face in day-to-day operations. Syringes and disposable needles are major contributors to toxic waste and their disposal cost is sky-rocketing,” the company informed.

The partnership with Polybond will also help people with fear of needles to overcome the common factor leading to the reluctance of patients in drawing blood and receiving vaccines or intravenous fluids.

With Prejex’s entry, the pain factor is eliminated as the medicine is delivered subcutaneously through the skin which is an effective and reliable system,” the firm stated.

The strategic pact to make needle-less injections in India also negates cross-contamination thus ensuring the highest levels of safety and hygiene for doctors and patients alike.

According to Prejex, needle-less injections are easy to use allowing patients the option to self-inject hence reducing visits to the clinic while making healthcare more cost-effective.

It is also highly convenient for customized doses and application of a variety of drugs since the shelf life of the drugs is considerably increased due to the novel COC polymer syringes and plasticizer.

Besides, it drastically cuts down on the use of disposable syringes, most of which are used by diabetic patients, thus contributing to the sustainability factor,” Prejex underscored.

It has also enabled German-based Prejex to shift its manufacturing capabilities from Berlin to Pune, one of the most important industrial and educational hubs of India, for global distribution.

The efforts of Niraj Khinvasara, Chief Information Officer (CIO), World Trade Center, Pune, and Sagar Chordia, Chairman of World Trade Center Pune presented to Prejex a data-based analysis highlighting Pune as an industrial hub that includes over 250 German firms,” Prejex highlighted.

Commenting on the partnership, Adit Rathi, Managing Director, Polybond India Pvt said that they were honored to be associated as the manufacturing partner for needleless injections for Prejex GmbH.

This association is a true example of the ‘Make in India’ movement. Not only will European consumers get the benefit of European innovation combined by competitive Indian costs, such associations also accelerate the introduction of innovative products in the Indian market.” Radhi concluded.

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