KENYA—Prof. Richard Lesiyampe, a former agricultural principal secretary, has been appointed CEO of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), succeeding Dr. George Rae, who led the hospital for five year.

Dr. Rae will now be in charge of resource mobilization for the Department of Medical Services Public Health and Sanitation at the County headquarters.

 This announcement was made Dr. Gregory Ganda, County Health Executive, who noted that the new CEO will take over to deliver the second phase of the county’s health transformation, which he is to take on February 22, following his appointment by Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

He went on to praise Prof. Lesiyampe as a seasoned transformative leader and manager with extensive expertise, highlighting his duties as the previous CEO of Kenyatta National Hospital, where he guided the facility to excellence.

Additionally, Prof. Lesiyampe’s fifteen-year tenure working with the Kenya Wildlife Service was marked by innovation and progress before he joined Kenyatta National Hospital as CEO, where he steered the facility towards excellence.

His subsequent appointments as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and the Department of Agriculture-Crop Development solidified his reputation as a leader who could not only dream big but also translate those dreams into tangible results.

Following his appointment, Prof. Lesiyampe conducted his first meeting with several teams at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), outlining a clear communication plan based on collaboration and open discourse.

He organized the hospital’s communication to ensure shared resources, and he announced intentions to hold quarterly meetings with various teams, such as the hospital board, nurses, doctors, and consultants, to ensure regular engagement and feedback.

He went on to underline that weekly executive and clinical team meetings will provide opportunities for focused discussions and problem-solving.

In addition, he will hold monthly Hospital Management Team (HMT) meetings to discuss high-level strategic plans.

To develop a culture of collaboration, he encouraged open discussions and interaction at all levels, which he believes would result in a collaborative environment in which everyone feels empowered to contribute.

He also stressed learning from the eagle’s spirit, which represents longevity and strength, as well as an emphasis on achieving great things together and leading by example, stating that his responsibilities will not require any training but will engage leaders so that they may make tremendous health strides together. His leadership approach tries to develop mutual respect and accountability.

He also expressed his aspirations to build on strong foundations, in which he honoured his predecessor, Dr. George Rae’s, accomplishments, commending the advancements made in neurosurgery, and expressing a commitment to continuing that success.

He concluded by assuring employees of motivation and conducive working conditions, which serve as a foundation for increased morale and productivity.

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