SAUDI ARABIA – Medical devices innovation company ProvenMed has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Gulf Medical Company Limited, a market leader in medical devices and healthcare solutions distribution.

Under the deal, Gulf Medical Company will sell and distribute ProvenMed’s infection-preventative urinary incontinence management medical device, ActivGo® for men, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

In a press release, ProvenMed said: “ActivGo® is designed not just to manage leakage but also to help the elderly and people who suffer from loss of bladder control to resume back their active lifestyle and confidence while eliminating embarrassing situations and preventing tract infections.”

According to ProvenMed, ActivGo® is a patient-centered innovative alternative to adult diapers providing a comfortable, hygienic, and easy solution to help people who suffer from urinary incontinence to resume active lifestyles and regain confidence.

The exclusive product distribution pact is in line with ProvenMed’s ambitious goal to meet the increasing demand for incontinence management solutions that improve the quality of life for those affected in KSA.

ProvenMed has joined forces with Gulf Medical due to the exceptional culture of its team, its outstanding reputation, and its prominent position in the Saudi market for medical devices and healthcare solutions,” the medical devices manufacturer underscored.

The UAE-based company is revolutionizing the urinary incontinence care industry with its patented solutions, ActivGo® for men and the Comfii™ system for women, which are wearable medical devices developed entirely from the patient’s perspective.

ProvenMed’s cutting-edge solutions will soon be accessible through Gulf Medical’s distribution channels across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the company disclosed.

With the global incontinence care products market projected to reach US$18.87 billion by 2030, and a CAGR of 4.50%, the opportunity for growth in the industry is significant.

The start-up, disrupting and redefining the urinary incontinence care industry, is committed to innovating medical devices through compassionate empathy, empowering individuals, and improving their quality of life.

The partnership with ProvenMed is a great opportunity for transforming the lives of the elderly, men with urinary incontinence, disabled people, special needs Hajj & Umrah visitors, and those who suffer in silence,” said Dr. Ismail Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gulf Medical.

In addition, he pointed out that with its innovative solutions, ProvenMed can help hospitals reduce the usage of indwelling catheters in certain short-stay cases, which will reduce infection potential.

Our mission is to empower our society in which all enjoy a good quality of life and healthy lifestyle which is at the heart of the Saudi government’s 2030 vision for fulfilling lives” noted Dr. Ahmed.

On his part, Mr. Amine Staali, CEO of ProvenMed, expressed his readiness to partner with Gulf Medical as the exclusive distributor of the Company’s innovative solutions in the KSA region.

He observed that in Saudi Arabia, the surge in incontinence is driven by factors such as the growing elderly population, chronic diseases, and obesity.

Together, we will position ProvenMed’s innovative solutions as mainstream in this significant and growing market, and empower patients, nursing homes, and hospitals with our quality healthcare innovations,” Mr. Staali added.

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