KENYA- Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mary Muthoni, met officials from health unions on Thursday, March 2023, to also put an end to the simmering healthcare workers’ protest.

This comes after a meeting between the Ministry of Health and unions on Tuesday failed to resolve the issues highlighted, with the union stating that they are still available for negotiations throughout the notice period.

During a press conference on Wednesday, the officials from the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) issued an official seven-day notice that would expire on Tuesday at midnight, with doctors announcing that they will go on strike if their issues are not handled.

The doctors had expressed their frustration over the absence of promotions for medical staff and the delay in the placement of medical interns who have already graduated.

Additionally, they had voiced concern that the proposed Social Healthcare Insurance Fund (SHIF) did not include them in medical coverage and sought assurances from the state regarding their inclusion.

The strike notice was meant to be issued on Monday and expire on Sunday at midnight, but the union chose to postpone it after being asked to the Tuesday meeting to allow for conversation.

The strike notification was sent to the CSs Ministries of Health, Labour, and Interior, the head of the Public Service, the Council of Governors, all county governments, all county public service boards, all Vice Chancellors of medical training universities, and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

This discussion of this meeting emphasized the significance of collaborating to address difficulties and progress the country’s healthcare goals.

During the discussion, Health PS Muthoni acknowledged the concerns highlighted by health unions and expressed a genuine intention to address them through meaningful engagement and collaboration.

She underlined the Ministry’s commitment to emphasizing healthcare workers’ well-being and providing a positive work environment.

She emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to listen to health unions’ concerns and proposals in order to develop mutually beneficial solutions.

PS Mary Muthoni’s gesture of extending an olive branch to unions opens the door to beneficial collaboration and provides the groundwork for a more cordial relationship between the Ministry and health unions.

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