EGYPT – PTS Investments Holdings Inc. has acquired part of Giza-based EDAM Healthcare Services in an undisclosed six figures deal through its operating company in Egypt.

Speaking on the acquisition, EDAM Chairperson, Ehab Kamel said: “PTS direct investments will accelerate the company’s future growth plans. We aim to reach 2.5 million subscribers by the end of 2023.”

He disclosed that the funds will be used to support the development of EDAM digital platform for health care in cooperation with Kemtix Technologies.

Founded in 2019, EDAM Healthcare Services provides location-as-a-service (LaaS) connecting its users to medical institutions and healthcare providers in their vicinity.

It provides a wide medical network covering all medical specialties such as hospitals, private clinics, specialized medical centers, analysis laboratories, and radiology centers to mention a few.

The technological arm of PTS Holdings Group, which is expected to be launched in the first half of the next year, aims to facilitate medical services access to a larger number of beneficiaries,” said Kamel.

The strategic deal between PTS and EDAM will also support the country’s efforts in the digital transformation era in line with the goals of sustainable development and Egypt Vision 2030.

Through the acquisition, the United States-based PTS Investments Holding will deepen its direct investment into the Egyptian market and around the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).

The firm will collaborate with local and global partnerships and alliances by providing integrated solutions and services to enhance digital community awareness in MENA region.

In addition, it will ensure a direct value add within the investment value chain particularly in the sectors of health, education, transportation, logistics, energy as well as in technology and applied engineering.

With an annual population growth rate of more than 2%, it is expected that the Egyptian population will reach more than 130 million by 2030, and 175 million by 2050, which will lead to an increase in the demand for care,” said Maha Mandour, Group Managing Director for PTS Holdings.

He pointed out that only 8 percent of the population is over the age of 60 (about 7.7 million) while observing that the age group is expected to increase to 18 million by 2030 and to reach 13.8% of the population (about 24 million) by 2050.

Mandour reaffirmed her belief in the importance of investing in the healthcare sector in Egypt, which is a major pillar of the Egyptian economy and society, noting that Egypt is the largest Arab country in terms of population.

With the need for health care services increasing steadily, this requires serious participation from the private sector in solidarity with the state’s efforts to develop this sector,” the PTS Holdings Group Managing Director added.

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