UAE – PureHealth has finalized its strategic acquisition of Circle Health Group, an independent operator of hospitals based in the United Kingdom, in a deal valued at US$1.2 billion before debt.

This acquisition forms part of PureHealth’s expansion strategy, which includes acquisitions in the local healthcare landscape and international markets, in a move to build a strategic global healthcare platform.

In an official statement, Hamad Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PureHealth, said: “We are pleased to complete the acquisition of Circle in record time. This remarkable achievement epitomises PureHealth’s operational excellence and strategic adaptability in broadening its international impact.”

In 2023, the two companies struck an agreement in May 2023, wherein PureHealth agreed to acquire 100% of Circle Health Group’s network of state-of-the-art hospitals.

PureHealth has made its first entry into the United Kingdom market after closing this billion-dollar acquisition of Circle Health Group.

In addition to fostering long term partnerships, the company’s expansion into the UK healthcare market reflects its focus on advancing the science of longevity and greater quality of life for humankind.

The completion of the billion-dollar deal, which has achieved regulatory approvals in record time, signifies PureHealth’s exceptional operational capabilities and commitment to international growth.

It also represents a significant step forward in the company’s strategic objectives aimed at developing new clinical care pathways made up of the best healthcare providers to meet patient needs.

In particular, PureHealth has gained full control of the Circle Health Group’s secondary care service portfolio, covering specialties such as Orthopaedics, Oncology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, and General Surgery.

This acquisition underlines the company’s commitment to not only delivering world-class medical care to patients globally but also becoming a leading global player in healthcare.

Commenting on the company’s global expansion strategy, Hamad Al Hammadi stated: “After investing in Ardent Health USA, this is PureHealth’s second international acquisition. We look forward to building our portfolio internationally.”

On top of this, the landmark acquisitions mark a significant investment in the future of healthcare, positioning PureHealth at the forefront of international healthcare innovation and service provision.

Circle Health Group has joined a roster of world-class healthcare providers that make up PureHealth companies, including PureLab, Rafed, and Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre.

With this acquisition, the company aims to ensure patients around the world have access to exceptional medical care with the highest international quality standards.

It aligns with the UAE leadership to promote wellbeing and enhance healthcare services, with a focus on continuously improving patient experience and adopting the most advanced clinical practices.

Speaking on the acquisition, Farhan Malik, Managing Director of PureHealth, said: “Completing the acquisition of Circle is a strategic leap forward for PureHealth. This acquisition is more than an expansion; it’s a significant stride towards establishing PureHealth as a global healthcare platform.”

Farhan Malik highlighted that PureHealth is looking to invest in the future of healthcare and shape it to be more connected, innovative, and accessible on a global scale.

This move aligns with our vision of pioneering a healthier future for all. It underscores our commitment to elevating the global position of Abu Dhabi in the healthcare sector and revolutionising healthcare services globally,” he added.

Building upon this significant momentum, PureHealth plans to invest in scientific innovation and healthcare infrastructure within all its assets, including Circle Health Group’s network of private hospitals.

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