QATAR – In cooperation with Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute (HHQI), the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has launched the National Training Program for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in the State of Qatar.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Public Health, the training program aims to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare for everyone living in the State of Qatar.

In her address, Mrs. Huda Al-Khtheeri, the Director of the Strategic Planning, Performance & Innovation Department at the Ministry of Public Health, said: “This program was designed to drive service and clinical excellence and effectiveness with the assurance of high quality and patient safety across the whole health system in Qatar.”

The training program has a special focus on the fundamentals of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (FQIC), which represents a significant step in enhancing healthcare standards across the nation.

Moreover, the launch of the National Training Program for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety comes as part of the long-standing collaboration between the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute​.

This launch marks a crucial step in fulfilling national demands for higher healthcare standards and contributes significantly to the regional prominence in healthcare quality and value.

It is worth mentioning that the National Training Program for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety was attended by 31 participants from 9 different healthcare organizations and hospitals.

The ministry’s newly launched program is structured with interactive practical sessions, opportunities for reflection and hands-on exercises.

Underlining the need for the latest joint initiative, Mrs. Huda Al-Khtheeri stated: “We aim to attain our national health goals by developing a healthcare workforce that is sustainable and capable to meet the population’s health needs.”

Mrs. Huda Al-Khtheeri emphasized that promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital for future health system resilience.

Bearing this in mind, the Qatari health ministry expanded its’ regulatory role to also include building the capacity and capability of the healthcare workforce in the field of quality and patient safety to help sustain resilience in the country’s healthcare system.

Before launching this program, the MOPH performed a Needs Assessment survey to identify educational and training needs in quality and safety for healthcare staff. The assessment included 1247 participants from various types of healthcare facilities.

The respondents were clinical staff as well as other allied and administrative staff who have patient interactions. The results of this assessment survey assisted in structuring the training course in a way that ensures its success and achieves the desired goal.

To bolster the country’s healthcare system, the new training program intends to support the continuum of service delivery as patients transition between Public and Private healthcare providers.

The program is a joint initiative with Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute to build capacity and capability in healthcare quality improvement and patient safety across the healthcare sector in the State of Qatar.

Commenting on the program’s launch, Mr. Nasser AlNaimi, Chief of Patient Experience and HHQI Director at Hamad Medical Corporation, said: “This training program aligns seamlessly with HHQI’s strategic direction.”

Mr. Nasser AlNaimi pointed out that the training program will prove pivotal in reinforcing HHQI’s status as the national institute for training and building capacity in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

The initiative goes beyond a mere training program, representing a pivotal movement towards fulfilling national and regional aspirations for enhanced healthcare quality and patient safety,” underscored Mr. Nasser AlNaimi.

He further said that by empowering healthcare professionals with essential skills, the training program will not only to improve current systems but also set new benchmarks in healthcare excellence.

The program is expected to have a far-reaching impact, elevating the quality of healthcare services, and ensuring safer patient experiences across the State of Qatar,” he added.

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