GHANA – Revna Biosciences, a Ghanian biomedical company , has received twin ISO certifications: ISO 15189:2022 for clinical diagnostics and ISO 20387:2018 for biobanking.

This achievement demonstrates RevnaBio’s ongoing dedication to advancing precision medicine in the Ghana and West Africa through molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical discoveries.

The announcement comes after the American Association awarded Revna Biosciences ISO 15189:2022 certification for Laboratory Certification (A2LA), which recognizes its commitment to providing high-quality clinical testing services.

According to Revna the certification procedure included a comprehensive on-site inspection by A2LA assessors to ensure the facility met exacting accuracy, dependability, and patient confidentiality criteria.

This  certification covers a wide range of human sample testing, including urine, swabs, blood, bone marrow, tissue samples, and plasma.

With a focus on bacteriology, virology, and molecular pathology, the company is committed to providing patients with precise and reliable diagnosis.

Revna Biosciences’ biobanking methods have also been accredited under ISO 20387:2018 with this certification applying  throughout the lifecycle of a biospecimen, from collection and acquisition to preservation, testing, storage, and delivery of diverse tissues and blood products.

The company’s commitment to international standards ensures the quality and integrity of biospecimens, helping to progress worldwide medical research.

Speaking at the ceromony, Dr. Derrick Edem Akpalu, CEO and Co-founder of Revna Biosciences, highlighted that the twin ISO accreditations represent the company’s dedication to excellence and quality, from sample collection to data processing.

He went on to say that this reassures patients while also benefiting researchers and commercial partners by  strengthening  their clinical research services, opening the road for worldwide medicinal and diagnostic development.

Dr. Akpalu believes that adhering to these ISO criteria protects the trustworthiness of their preserved biosamples and data, boosting clinicogenomic insights and accelerating the growth of personalized medicine in the region.

For his part, Dr. Yaw Asare-Aboagye, a member of the company’s board of directors, stated that these highest international standards will improve access to high-quality healthcare and research facilities, particularly in Africa, where demand is strongest.

With this certification, RevnaBio becomes A2LA certified for its Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Deemed Status and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Recognition, which demonstrate its status as a global clinical diagnostic accrediting board.

Furthermore, RevnaBio is a member of ISBER, an international biobanking organization that promotes high-quality standards and biorepository management innovation.

Revna Biosciences’ accomplishments are consistent with global recognition and industry norms, placing the firm at the forefront of medical innovation.

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