BOTSWANA – Industrial manufacturers of branded medicines Roche, in collaboration with Orthosurge Botswana and Diagnofirm, has inaugurated the cobas® 5800 molecular diagnostics system in Gaborone.

The system will expand molecular testing capacity and increase access to healthcare for many Botswana who face healthcare barriers.

The country is the first in the SADC region to reach the 95:95:95 WHO goals for HIV.1  The installation of the cobas® 5800 showcases further commitment towards fighting  HIV as well as Tuberculosis (TB), Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Early Infant Diagnosis (EID), Hepatitis B & C and SARS, amongst other health threads.

“For over 20 years, we have invested in delivering state-of-the-art technologies in IVD  and quality HIV screening in Botswana, working with reputable international partners and Ministry of health programmes so that patients can access quality healthcare,” Oremeng Motshegare, Director at Orthosurge Botswana said.

The cobas 5800 System is a real-time molecular testing solution that provides excellent performance and value-added utility from a compact footprint.

It delivers automation, consolidation, integration and standardization – making it a scalable, cost-efficient solution for smaller labs seeking big lab performance, or for larger labs seeking small lab agility.

The system is built to offer a fully automated workflow that encompasses sample transfer and preparation, amplification and detection, result calculation and delivery to the laboratory information system.

Designed as one integrated instrument, the cobas 5800 System enables a walkaway time of up to eight hours, resulting in less hands-on time, which can lead to improved productivity, reduced possibility for errors and more predictable turnaround times.

The cobas 5800 System offers an expanded on board capacity allowing labs to test multiple assays simultaneously and delivers up to 144 results in an eight-hour shift. This streamlined molecular testing system will allow most labs to consolidate greater than 90 percent of their routine molecular tests onto a single platform.

“We are proud to be the first nation to reach the 95:95:95 goals. But our commitment to the health and well-being of every Motswana cannot stop there. Core diagnostic systems are the first step in managing any disease,” Botswana Minister of Health, Honourable Dr. Edwin G. Dikoloti, said.

“This is one more important stride towards delivering better access to healthcare for all our people.”

Dr Mohammed Chand, Medical Director of Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories (DML) said that at Diagnofirm, they strive at being in the forefront of laboratory medicine when it comes to technology, bringing first-world services to Botswana.

“We are the first private laboratory to be ISO Accredited. It is in our DNA to introduce new technology and advances that will see better outcomes for patients,” he said.

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