EGYPT – Egypt-based teleradiology platform Rology has scooped up an undisclosed amount of funding from Philips Foundation to increase access to quality healthcare services in the Middle East & Africa.

This news comes shortly after Rology acquired Arkan United, a teleradiology provider based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Rology was founded in 2017 to bridge the gap between qualified radiologists and healthcare providers without delay, with top quality and the utmost efficiency and care.

Through its impact investment vehicle, Philips Foundation will provide financial support to help Rology in revitalizing its efforts to address the shortage of medical professionals in the Middle East and Africa.

Philips Foundation Impact Investments takes an integrated approach to assessing the potential scalability of enterprises.

The new capital injection from Philips Foundation Impact Investments B.V. will support Rology’s efforts to solve the absence of trained and skilled radiologists in hospitals with limited budgets.

In a press release, Amr AboDraiaa, Chief Executive Officer of Rology, said: “The investment in Rology serves as a testament to the potential of Rology’s vision. This vote of confidence will empower us to accelerate our mission of revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge technology.”

Rology, the Middle East & Africa’s leading AI-assisted teleradiology platform, has saved over 500,000 lives and has partnered with over 150 clients in both private and public sectors in 9 countries.

Rology leverages its AI-assisted teleradiology platform to remotely and instantly match radiologists with cases from hospitals based on radiologists’ availability and subspecialty.

Proper imaging, combined with professional analysis and reporting – through this technology performed and delivered by radiologists at a distance – can be lifesaving.

Backed by Philips Foundation Impact Investments, Rology will use the fresh funds to expand its geographic reach, drive meaningful change, and save lives on a larger scale.

This investment is expected to accelerate the progress of potentially high-impact access-to-care opportunities and reduce healthcare inequality.

We are grateful to Philips Foundation Impact Investments for joining us on this transformative journey, and we eagerly look forward to the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead,” stated Amr AboDraiaa.

The new capital injection was based on Rology’s AI-assisted teleradiology platform and its overall readiness to make a meaningful impact within the healthcare systems in which it operates.

Leveraging the skills, resources, and expertise of qualified radiologists worldwide, Rology’s AI-assisted teleradiology platform allows medical practitioners and institutions to have around-the-clock access to quality radiology reporting categorized by subspecialty.

Rology’s clients gain access to competitively priced, fast, accurate, and on-demand radiology reports written by highly qualified radiologists in a maximum of 12 hours for Cold cases and a maximum of 90 minutes for emergency cases.

Commenting on the new investment, Margot Cooijmans, Director of Philips Foundation and Philips Foundation Impact Investments B.V., said: “Our support for Rology and its AI-assisted teleradiology is a powerful way to act upon our vision that quality healthcare should not be a privilege but a universal right that should include low-resource settings.”

The partnership between Rology and Philips Foundation Impact Investments aims to shape a future where advanced solutions merge seamlessly with compassionate care, impacting the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Through a shared commitment to expand healthcare access, Rology and Philips Foundation Impact Investments B.V. will work closely to ensure underserved populations can access healthcare services.

It builds on Philips Foundation’s mission to provide access to quality healthcare for 100 million people a year in underserved communities by 2030.

With Rology, we help technology and health expertise converge to bridge inequality in the global health landscape. Rology’s team is working around the clock to scale up this impact,” outlined Margot Cooijmans.

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