UK—Response Plus Medical (RPM), a subsidiary of Response Plus Holding, has completed its acquisition of Prometheus Medical, a UK-based firm.

This is an important milestone in Response Plus Medical’s international expansion plan.

The purchase is consistent with RPM’s aim of expanding its service offerings and geographical reach throughout its group portfolio.

The addition of Prometheus Medical to RPM’s portfolio matches strategically with the latter’s objective of expanding its service offerings and geographical presence.

Prometheus Medical is well-known for its competence in combat medical training, expert consultation and training, and pre-hospital solutions.

With this deal, RPM hopes to further penetrate the UK and Nordic markets by leveraging Prometheus’ specific capabilities in combat medical training, expert consultancy and training, and pre-hospital solutions.

Prometheus Medical, which was previously a branch of US-based Safeguard Medical, will continue to function as a separate organization within the RPM portfolio.

Under the new agreement, Prometheus Medical will continue to operate as an independent firm within RPM’s portfolio.

However, the company’s activities in the United Kingdom and the Nordic area will be renamed as Prometheus Medical International, while those in the UAE will continue to be known as Prometheus UAE.

In his remarks, Dr. Rohil Raghavan, CEO of Response Plus Holding, stated that the Prometheus purchase represents a key milestone for RPM, ushering in a new chapter in its worldwide development plan.

He noted that this purchase not only adds new skills in specialized medical training but also grows exponentially across industries and markets.

RPM plans to make substantial advancements in the healthcare industry by merging Prometheus Medical’s knowledge and reputation into its operations, particularly in areas that require specialized medical training and pre-hospital care solutions.

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