KENYA— Ruai Family Hospital, RFH Healthcare has acquired the third PET-CT and SPECT-CT scans to be used for cancer treatment in Kenya.

This declaration comes two years after RFH Healthcare set out to leave its mark in the fight against Kenya’s third-top cause of death.

The hospital is preparing to start chemotherapy, brachytherapy, radiotherapy (linear accelerator), and lutetium therapy.

To accomplish this, it has partnered with Norsad Capital, GE Healthcare, Electa, and the Ministry of Health (MOH) with the aim of improving the lives of their patients in Kenya, East Africa, and beyond.

While making this announcement on LinkedIn, Dr. Maxwel Okoth, MBS, Founder and CEO of RFH Healthcare Ltd., emphasized that cancer impacts everyone and does not discriminate, leaving behind absolute devastation, broken ties, shattered dreams, and, in many cases, the loss of loved ones.

He went on to remark that the introduction of new scans and medical advancements demonstrated that cancer would no longer be an absolute death sentence.

On his part, Isaiah Okoth, Founder and Director of Xenopia Investment Company Limited, commended him, stating that this will be a significant milestone not only for Kenya but for Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

He further stated that nuclear medicine theranostics will now be available to all East African inhabitants, and that Xenopia looks forward to mutually beneficial future collaborations in this new journey in cancer therapy.

Patricia Mbaabu, Molecular Imaging Sales Manager Africa at GE Healthcare, stated her excitement at collaborating with RFH to deliver this initiative of bringing theragnostics to Kenya.

She was eager to point out that with this acquisition, Ruai Family Hospital will be the first in the region to offer 177Lu-PSMA therapy for prostate cancer, 68Ga Dotatoc, and Dotanoc for neuroendocrine malignancies.

The hospital offers a variety of services, including premium outpatient services at RFH Medical Centres (Embakasi and Kahawa West), quality low-cost solutions through the Ruai Family Hospital arm (in Ruai and Tala) that targets lower and middle-income earners, and specialised services through the RFH Specialist Hospital.

Ruai Family Hospital will not only detect cancer with the finest sensitivity and specificity but will also treat it locally, according to her.

This cutting-edge technology will help RFH hospitals diagnose and treat cancer more effectively, emphasizing preventive care and early detection.

Norsad Capital, Elekta, and GE HealthCare are convinced that their efforts will make cancer treatment cheaper than ever.

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