SOUTH KOREA – Samsung Medison, a leading global medical equipment company affiliated with Samsung Electronics, has finalized an agreement to acquire Sonio SAS, a France-based foetal ultrasound AI software company. 

The acquisition, valued at approximately US$92.4 million, marks a strategic move by Samsung to integrate cutting-edge AI technology into its ultrasound systems, bolstering its presence in the medical device sector.

Established in 2020, Sonio has been at the forefront of developing IT solutions and AI assistant features tailored for obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound procedures. 

One of its flagship offerings, Sonio Detect, is an FDA 510(k) cleared AI assistant that harnesses the power of deep learning networks to enhance image quality in real-time, thereby augmenting clinical accuracy and improving the overall quality of patient care.

“Through the acquisition of Sonio, Samsung Medison will continue to deliver upon our promise to improve the quality of people’s lives with technology,” remarked Yong Kwan Kim, CEO of Samsung Medison.

“Collaboration with Sonio will bring together best-in-class ultrasound AI technology and reporting capabilities to bring a paradigm shift in the prenatal ultrasound exam.”

Samsung Medison’s vision is not only to enhance its ultrasound offerings but also to catalyze innovation in patient outcomes and prenatal care quality. 

By integrating Sonio’s AI expertise with its own cutting-edge ultrasound systems, Samsung aims to pioneer breakthrough AI-enhanced workflows that redefine prenatal care standards.

“We have great respect and admiration for what the Sonio team has built in the area of maternal care,” added Yong Kwan Kim.

Following the acquisition, Sonio will retain its independence as a company headquartered in France. 

Its products and services will remain compatible with all ultrasound device manufacturers, ensuring continued accessibility and versatility in the healthcare ecosystem.

As an independent entity, Sonio is committed to advancing medical reporting technology and diagnostic software globally, with a particular focus on underserved healthcare sectors.

“In addition to close collaboration with Samsung Medison, as an independent company, Sonio will continue to advance medical reporting technology and diagnostic software globally, including for underserved areas in healthcare,” stated Cécile Brosset, CEO of Sonio.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals, including the endorsement of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance. 

Once finalized, the partnership between Samsung Medison and Sonio is poised to drive significant advancements in prenatal care, exemplifying their shared commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare worldwide.

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