INDIA—Sanofi, a prominent French pharmaceutical company, has received clearance for IMOVAX-Polio, an alternative injectable vaccine, to replace the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) ShanIP in India.

According to a spokesman speaking with the Economic Times, IMOVAX-Polio has the same composition and formulation as ShanIPV, allowing consumers to transfer seamlessly.

IMOVAX-Polio has over 40 years of experience combating polio in more than 100 countries.

The spokesperson assured stakeholders that the transition would not result in a shortage of IPV vaccines in India.

This promise arises from Sanofi’s commitment to maintaining the country’s polio-free status, which the company remains completely committed to achieving.

Sanofi Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd (SHIPL)’s announcement that ShanIPV would be discontinued by the end of 2023 forced the adaptation of strategy and portfolios to evolving trends.

Recognizing the potential consequences of discontinuing ShanIPV production, Sanofi is proactively planning to offer new products while increasing localization efforts and broadening the reach of existing brands through agreements with domestic drug manufacturers. This decision is consistent with the company’s mission of ensuring ongoing access to important vaccines and treatments.

IPV vaccines were provided in two rounds as part of the government’s immunization program—at six and fourteen weeks of age—highlighting their essential role in public health.

Notably, Sanofi and the Serum Institute of India are the primary suppliers of IPV vaccinations in the country, highlighting their critical role in national healthcare programs.

In addition to strengthening its vaccine presence, Sanofi intends to grow its influence in the diabetes sector and strengthen its consumer healthcare company following its spin-off into a new corporation.

Furthermore, the corporation is looking into local production of its premium products in India, demonstrating a strategic commitment to increasing accessibility and affordability.

Sanofi’s dedication to innovation and public health continues with the introduction of ShanIPV in India in 2015.

With a robust pipeline of 12 different medications set to debut in India, Sanofi continues to be at the forefront of developing healthcare solutions suited to the changing requirements of the Indian population.

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