SAUDI ARABIA —In a significant development, Saudi Arabia has received an overwhelming response of 424 expressions of interest from local and international firms for three major healthcare projects.

These projects, focusing on medical rehabilitation, long-stay care, and home healthcare, were announced by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Center for Privatization earlier this year, marking a new wave of advancements in the country’s healthcare sector.

The first project aims to establish 200 long-stay hospital beds and nursing care centers, offering quality care for patients requiring extended medical support.

This initiative garnered interest from an impressive 139 companies spanning 16 countries, reflecting the global appeal of the venture.

Likewise, the second project focusing on medical rehabilitation garnered interest from 131 companies across 17 countries, with the objective of providing 150 medical rehabilitation hospital beds and 120,000 treatment sessions for outpatients.

The immense response received for these projects showcases the high level of anticipation within the healthcare industry.

In alignment with the public-private partnership (PPP) model, the companies selected for these projects will bear the responsibility of design, development, financing, maintenance, and operation, ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and efficient healthcare services.

The third project, centered around home healthcare, attracted interest from 154 companies across 14 countries, highlighting the global recognition of the importance of providing medical services to patients in the comfort of their own homes.

The chosen company for this project will be entrusted with catering to the medical needs of approximately 5,000 active patients.

It is worth noting that firms from various nations, including Portugal, Italy, Turkey, India, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia, actively participated in the expression of interest, demonstrating the international appeal of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare projects.

The large turnout of both local and international investment highlights the Kingdom’s attractive business environment and the pivotal role played by the National Center for Privatization in facilitating partnerships between the public and private sectors, creating favorable investment opportunities for domestic and global stakeholders.

Saudi companies accounted for the majority of submissions, constituting about 70 percent of the expressions of interest.

Notably, Future Care Trading Company, a Tadawul-listed firm, announced its inclusion in the shortlist for the Home Healthcare project.

This project involves delivering home-based healthcare services to a significant number of patients in Riyadh and Dammam, further enriching the scope of healthcare offerings in the country.

These ambitious healthcare projects signify Saudi Arabia’s commitment to advancing medical services and embracing innovative approaches to bridge gaps in the healthcare system.

By leveraging the PPP model, the government aims to improve the quality of services offered to beneficiaries and enhance overall healthcare standards.

The Ministry of Health’s recent announcement to procure three maternity and children’s hospital projects, along with 224 primary health centers, under the PPP model further underscores the nation’s dedication to revolutionizing its healthcare infrastructure.

As Saudi Arabia continues to attract considerable interest and investment in the healthcare sector, these projects pave the way for significant advancements in medical care and pave the path for a brighter and healthier future for the nation’s residents.

The complete list of companies participating in these transformative healthcare projects is available on the National Center for Privatization’s website.

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