SAUDI ARABIA— amplifAI Health, a health technology company headquartered in Saudi Arabia, and Healthspan Digital Inc., a Toronto-based data-driven healthtech company, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the understanding and management of vascular aging.

This collaboration integrates amplifAI Health’s AI-powered, rapid, and cost-effective thermal hyperspectral technology with Healthspan Digital’s advanced longevity clinical protocols.

The innovative fusion of AI with thermal hyperspectral imaging holds immense potential for unlocking groundbreaking therapeutic and diagnostic advancements in this field.

The newfound partnership seeks to enhance healthspan and improve the quality of life not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also across the rest of the GCC and beyond, especially as global life expectancy continues to rise.

By focusing on addressing vascular aging, amplifAI Health and Healthspan Digital Inc. aim to mitigate vascular pathologies that contribute to chronic conditions.

Combining their expertise will enable the enhanced monitoring of vascular health and the evaluation of therapeutic interventions aimed at mitigating the impacts of vascular aging.

Given the complexity of vascular aging and its consequences, multidisciplinary and innovative approaches are essential.

As age-related diseases pose significant challenges worldwide, particularly within developed nations, there is a critical need to focus on mitigating these conditions to improve overall quality of life. Vascular aging, in particular, plays a pivotal role in the age-dependent rise in long-term disability and mortality among older adults, contributing to the decline of organ function and the pathogenesis of various age-related diseases.

Understanding the underlying mechanisms of vascular aging holds the promise of developing new therapeutic strategies and clinical diagnostic methods. Human medical thermography, a result of decades of research and development, offers a powerful tool for visualizing diseases that may not be readily detected or monitored by other methods.

Its global application in disease screening, detection, and monitoring is acclaimed for its cost-effectiveness, mobility, non-invasive nature, minimal power requirements, and absence of harmful radiation, aligning with the growing demand for safer and more accessible healthcare solutions.

During the ceremony, Dr. Meshari F. Alwashmi, CEO of amplifAI Health, expressed his excitement about collaborating with Healthspan, highlighting that the partnership will expand their knowledge regarding the application of thermography and AI in vascular aging.

Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmouni, CEO and Founder of Healthspan Digital Inc., also expressed his delight in working with amplifAI and their industry-leading technology to deliver an innovative imaging method for assessing vascular aging.

He emphasized the common pathophysiological mechanisms shared between cardiovascular aging and longevity and stressed the importance of early detection and surveillance in delaying cardiovascular aging and increasing the likelihood of longevity.

A major limitation of current medical human thermography is the limited capacity of human thermographers to observe, analyze, and interpret thermograms.

By leveraging AI algorithms, computer-aided thermography can objectify findings, minimize inter-observer variability, and improve thermographic accuracy and reliability.

While computer-aided thermography requires high-level training and experience, it offers the potential for faster throughput and centralized processing, leading to enhanced diagnostic outcomes. The development of handheld smartphone-based thermal infrared imagers presents a creative solution for detecting and monitoring vascular aging.

The synergy between amplifAI Health’s unrivaled technological prowess and Healthspan Digital Inc.’s advanced clinical diagnostics expertise signals a new era in personalized healthcare.

This partnership holds the promise of advancements in the prevention, early detection, and expert management of age-related vascular conditions.

By harnessing the power of amplifAI’s cutting-edge AI-powered imaging analysis, Healthspan longevity programs are enhancing the field of vascular aging and presymptomatic disease detection.

With a vision for global expansion, both companies aspire to bring this powerful offering to individuals across the globe, ultimately paving the way for prolonged health and a brighter future for all.

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