Saudi firm Attieh Medico and Augnito ally on AI-powered medical documentation

SAUDI ARABIA – Attieh Medico, a supplier of medical equipment located in Jeddah, has entered into a strategic pact with Indian-based Augnito focused on AI-assisted medical documentation improvement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi company and Augnito, one of the fastest-growing AI-powered clinical speech recognition providers in the global healthcare market, will work closely to streamline, automate, and digitize clinical workflows for better patient outcomes.

The joint statement said: “With a shared vision of excellence in research, user-experience and augmented patient care, both Augnito and Attieh Medico look forward to servicing key customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Under the strategic pact, Augnito will deploy state-of-the-art infrastructure for clinical documentation via electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health systems (EHRs) to healthcare networks across the country.

Augnito’s cloud-based AI speech recognition technology enables ergonomic data entry with 99% accuracy, anywhere, from any device.

Augnito’s Medical Voice AI has already been adopted by several leading hospitals in the region, including King Abdul Aziz Hospital. It comprehends all global accents, without any voice training requirements,” the company says on its site.

The innovator helps streamline clinical workflows, makes healthcare intelligence securely accessible, and ensures that physicians have more time to concentrate on their primary concern: patient care.

Commenting on the strategic partnership with Rustom Lawyer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Augnito expressed his optimism about the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via state-of-the-art Medical Voice AI solutions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has shown great ambition to adopt sophisticated technologies and artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector,” said Lawyer.

The partnership agreement will contribute to the progress of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, its objectives include augmenting technological solutions and investing heavily in Healthcare AI.

Over the past few years, we have seen unprecedented innovation, drive and vision to create a modern healthcare infrastructure in the region,” added the CEO of Augnito.

The strategic deal aims to reduce clinical documentation timelines, help mitigate physician burnout, increase revenue for healthcare organisations, reduce insurance claim rejections, and improve overall patient outcomes across the region.

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