UGANDA—Damali Mirembe, the Sonrise Baby Home’s director, has announced the construction of a Sonrise Baby Home Hospital in Uganda’s Kayunga District.

The Faith of a Child Foundation in the US and Sonrise Baby Home, a non-profit corporation created in 2010, are collaborating on this project.

The upcoming hospital is slated to feature essential facilities, including a maternity ward, a pediatric ward, a fully equipped laboratory, an emergency care unit, and several in-patient beds.

The hospital’s concrete floor and foundation were recently completed, marking a significant milestone in the project.

With the groundwork laid, Faith of a Child is now striving to raise US$150,000 for the construction of walls and the second story.

Sonrise secured 10 acres of land near the main road through Kayunga District in November 2023 and has obtained government authorization to proceed with construction.

Ground was officially broken on November 6, and Faith of a Child has already contributed over US$170,000 towards land acquisition and foundational work.

The hospital is also seeking US$50,000 to fund wall construction and US$60,000 for the second-story floor. An estimated US$800,000 will be required to complete the construction incrementally.

The envisioned US$1.4 million budget encompasses not only construction costs but also equipment procurement and the first-year salaries of 10 doctors, 20 nurses, and 25 support staff.

To further bolster efforts, Faith of a Child Foundation pledges to match all donations made to the Hospital Project, effectively doubling the impact of every contribution.

Damali, in an online video sharing her vision for the hospital, recounted her journey from orphanhood to becoming a steward of hope for abandoned infants in Uganda.

Her mission began in 2009 when, despite lucrative prospects in the business world, she chose to provide refuge for orphaned babies as a young university graduate.

Overwhelmed by the staggering number of abandoned and malnourished infants, Damali expanded her ministry, eventually establishing the Sonrise Baby Home, which has since rescued over 450 babies from life-threatening conditions.

With love, proper nutrition, medical care, and prayer, Damali and her team have nursed these infants back to health, with over 85% being successfully reunited with family members.

Speaking passionately about her cause, Damali highlighted the dire need for improved healthcare for women in Uganda, emphasizing the prevention of motherless babies through enhanced maternal care.

She emphasized that the hospital project is a crucial step towards addressing this systemic issue, aiming to eliminate the necessity for further orphanages to care for infants bereft of maternal care.

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