NIGERIA— SOPHiA GENETICS, a leading cloud-native software firm in the healthcare sector that specializes in data-driven medicine, has established a significant cooperation with Nigeria-based Syndicate Bio.

This collaboration seeks to implement MSK-ACCESS powered by SOPHiA DDM, making Syndicate Bio the first laboratory in Africa to use the MSK-ACCESS assay via the SOPHiA DDM Platform.

This milestone also distinguishes Syndicate Bio as the first company to provide full genomic profiling and liquid biopsy services to patients across the continent.

The incorporation of this cutting-edge technology complements SOPHiA GENETICS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), and Syndicate Bio’s ongoing efforts to improve global health equity.

With approximately one million new cancer patients in Africa each year, access to complete genetic profiling and liquid biopsy testing is limited, prompting patients to forego testing or seek these options outside the continent.

Syndicate Bio’s new product will give advanced liquid biopsy testing to many underserved patients, extending the company’s objective to improve genomics and precision medicine in countries that have hitherto lacked such services.

In his remarks, Abasi Ene-Obong, PhD., Founder of Syndicate Bio, stressed the importance of this collaboration in changing cancer care and research in Africa, particularly Nigeria.

He highlighted the promise of next-generation sequencing technology and liquid biopsy in oncology to accelerate advances in cancer care and research in Africa, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes across the continent.

For his part, Philippe Menu, MD, PhD., Chief Medical Officer of SOPHiA GENETICS, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to democratizing data-driven medicine and reaching disadvantaged communities.

He stressed that through collaborations like the one with Syndicate Bio, SOPHiA GENETICS may have a meaningful impact across Africa, collecting comprehensive datasets and offering essential insights to shape the future of healthcare worldwide.

Syndicate Bio’s projects span the globe, with an emphasis on advancing genomes and precision medicine through large-scale collaborations.

 Syndicate Bio’s focus on Africa, beginning with Nigeria, intends to improve cancer detection and treatment for African patients by facilitating local next-generation sequencing and liquid biopsy testing, as well as improving access to clinical trial participation.

MSK-ACCESS powered by SOPHiA DDM provides a decentralized version of a highly validated ctDNA test created by MSK. It entails deep sequencing of 146 important cancer-associated genes, which will enhance Syndicate Bio’s tumor profiling capabilities and allow for the efficient development of complete reports from small blood samples.

The use of liquid biopsy simplifies patient monitoring and promotes precision medicine adoption by integrating powerful analytics and cutting-edge algorithms from the SOPHiA DDM Platform with MSK’s cancer genomics knowledge.

In late 2023, SOPHiA GENETICS and MSK announced a partnership with AstraZeneca to expand access to the MSK-ACCESS powered by SOPHiA DDM testing solution globally, including underserved areas with limited access to testing. 

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